December 18, 2019

If you know anything about me you know I’m not one for quick-fixes or band-aid solutions.

In every first consultation with a potential new client, I’m very honest - I tell them that there is no finish line. You may have a goal, and milestones along the way, but ‘health’...

December 9, 2019

Tough call… I know.

But hear me out.

I’ve been reading ‘Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker and it’s opened my eyes to how powerful sleep really is. 

I knew it was important already but some of the stuff he talks about is blowing my mind.

  • Insufficient sleep is a key lifest...

December 3, 2019

“Alright, I’m going to lose 4kg so I can look and feel good in my speedos down at the beach this Summer.”

You set your goal, it has some meaning, and you’ve started taking action. The worst thing you can do now is to stop.

What’s going to keep you from stopping?

  • Deter...

November 20, 2019

The majority of personal trainers are in their 20’s, myself included. Sometimes this can blur the lines of how to most effectively strength train.

What works for people in their 20’s isn’t optimal for those in their 40’s. 

I’ve seen it too many times, a young trainer has...

November 18, 2019

One day I’ll write a book.

It’s half the reason for the pile of blog posts I've written over the last few years.

Writing a book isn’t complicated, just lots of words put in a certain order. Writing a book worth reading is. One worth remembering, worth sharing, worth buil...

November 11, 2019

Which of these are more likely to give you cancer?

Eating salami or smoking cigarettes?

This may shock you...

They are EQUAL. 

They’re both type 1 carcinogens. According to the research they are classified in the same category of cancer risk.

Other processed meats which fit...

November 5, 2019

You’ll gloss over some of these exercise tips, thinking “Ehhh”

Some of these will catch your interest...

And some of these will make your jaw drop and brain explode.

I hope it’s not too painful.

1. When doing any single-arm or single-leg exercise, do your weaker side first...

October 30, 2019

Here it is, tested, effective and worthwhile:

Stop chasing shortcuts.

Personal finance, weight loss, marketing, careers, beating traffic, relationships, education – everything that matters to someone often comes with heavily promoted shortcuts as an alternative.

Fast, ris...

October 23, 2019

I’ll be honest...

Sometimes I feel like giving up. 

The jump from employed to self-employed was a big one and came with many unexpected challenges. I’m now the marketing team, an accountant and a business owner. I’m in sales, partnership development, human resources and...

October 20, 2019

Are you using any of these oils?

Corn, soybean, canola, sunflower, peanut, cottonseed, safflower?

If you answered yes, stop!

These oils are terrible for your health. They are proven to cause heart disease, cancer and liver damage.

They are called vegetable oils (which is a...

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