The System That Turns The Busy, Burnt Out Man Into Clarke Kent 

- Strong, Sophisticated, Lean and Muscular


Are you frustrated by that feeling inside that you can't seem to master this area of your life?

It's time to:


  • Take control of your health and fitness. 

  • Redefine your physique.

  • Be the superhero to the ones you love.


*Coaching positions are limited




Imagine a year from now.


  • Imagine if you looked in the mirror and you were proud of how little belly fat was there.


  • Imagine if you could walk along the beach and notice people admire your physique.


  • Imagine if you had peace of mind in your health and never had to worry again.


  • Imagine if you never had a reason to question yourself, your training or your nutrition ever again.


Now, imagine if a year from now, nothing had changed.


I sincerely don't want that to happen.





























































The Man On A Mission Receives


  • The truth - No bullshit


  • Results - To get you where you want to be, in the fastest time


  • Accountability - Expectations and a helping hand


  • Certainty - We will make it happen



What Happens When You Apply?




































I am 100% certain about what I do.


If you invest in me, I will invest in your success and satisfaction.




I should remind you that there are extremely limited available spots in this program. 


The coaching experience is high-end and to do that, every client deserves a high level of attention and service. I cannot take anyone and everyone. You must be a good fit.


This system is designed for busy men who are burnt-out and find their health and fitness slipping away. It requires a minimal time investment, uses minimal cognitive load (it is simple) and will work if you:


  • Travel a lot

  • Work a lot

  • Have many other responsibilities




Right now, as I see it, you have two choices:


1. Go it alone, use all of the information out there on the internet and hope you see some results


2. Book in a clarity call and learn how to finally look and feel like a million bucks, inspire your loved ones with what you're capable of and master your physique.



I recommend number 2. Remember, there are no obligations to sign up for anything. It's about creating a specific plan made for your success. 





Tim Simmons, Age 44, Founder of The WordWorks


"My body fat is now below 14% and falling and I’m enjoying my training. He coaches within a broader picture of rest, diet and recovery. The approach is just that bit more intelligent.”

Anders Kristianson, Age 48, CEO of New Look


"I can really see and feel the progress. It's been a big impact

and people have noticed the change."

Philipp Haid, Age 33, Financial Principal at Apollo


"I was looking for a coach that could help me offset the

unhealthy lifestyle of an office job. I am very pleased with

Michael's approach, to listen carefully and build a plan to my individual needs. I feel very well looked after."

Alex McPherson, Age 36, Founder of IgnitionLaw & IgnitionFinancial


"I've had clear and progressive week-by-week improvement in strength and muscle gain as well as knowledge of healthy eating and fitness which I can use in everyday life."

But don't just take my word for it. Ask my clients.

Unleash your leanest, fittest, most inspiring you.

Looking great naked is a nice side effect... right?


Clarity Call.

We have a chat about the program and make sure it's a good fit to help you reach your goals. No obligation to go further at this point.

Collect Info & Set Goals

With laser focus, we determine where you are now, where you want to go and break down the steps which must be taken to get there.

Join the Man On A Mission Fitness System

Follow the footsteps of the successful men before you and start your own personal journey.

Follow The System

It is designed to encompass all things training, nutrition and behaviour. The protocols are super easy to follow and yield rapid results. Through steady accountability and omnipresent support, you WILL succeed.

You become awesome.

You follow the system and become the leanest, fittest, sexiest version of yourself with the knowledge to sustain it for decades to come.
Job done

Tell me about your awesome self below. Let me know what times you can commit to.