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Health & Wellness Consulting

My experience working with hundreds of clients over the past 7 years allows me a unique perspective on health, psychology and wellness, and how to implement it on an individual or large scale level.

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Nutrition Coaching

For some goals (such as fat-loss) nutrition is 90% of the results.

Nutrition Consulting involves diagnosis, personalisation, education and coaching - helping you nail this part of the equation once and for all. Your Personalised Nutrition Blueprint will have everything you need to reach your individual goal.


You also have the option for me to follow you up for 6-weeks to make sure you actually follow the plan, answer any questions and provide the motivation to keep moving forwards.

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  • Initial 45-minute phone consultation.

  • Personalised Nutrition Blueprint based on information from consultation.

  • Exact plan to follow to reach your goal.

  • Optional: Weekly phone follow-up (6-weeks)

Initial Consultation + Personalised Nutrition Blueprint: $199

Weekly Follow-up:

$349 (6-weeks)


Performance Coaching

Know what you have to do, but can't seem to do it? 

Feel like your treading water?

You have goals, but can't find the motivation or discipline to reach them?

Break-through mental blocks, overcome your own excuses and realise your expectations.

Personal Training may seem like exercise and nutrition, but the core of it involves changing beliefs and identity. It's heavy on psychology, behaviour change and mental frameworks. Years of experience and education on this aspect of coaching has led me to develop powerful models on motivation, goal-setting, self-belief, discipline and achievement.

If you need a mental reboot to go out and kick some ass, this is for you.


Please contact for pricing options.


Corporate Consulting

A healthy workplace has happier, productive and motivated employees. With the profound research linking employee health to a companies profits and growth, it's surprising that around 56% of corporates still have zero health initiatives in place.

Allow me to provide insight into the strategic planning of healthy initiatives, setting up the workplace environment to promote health, providing fun and educational initiatives and capitalising on the benefits of mental and physical wellbeing.

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