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Want to get in better shape with minimal time investment?

My clients reveal the most valuable changes they implemented to get impressive physical results.

After getting feedback from my coaching clients, a few things stood out as the most important in their transformational journies. 

These guys were all busy with family and work responsibilities, committed to a few key changes and had impressive results

Alex M. loved... Habit creation

There are 3 stages of building a habit: The reminder, the routine and the reward. The good thing about habits is they don't take any time out of your day.


During coaching, we conquer each stage to implement successful healthy habits. Here's how you can too.


The reminder


The reminder is the trigger that initiates the behaviour. Getting fit is more than just having self-control and extensive willpower, you can actually set yourself up for success by controlling your environment. 


The easiest way to do this is the visibility method which involves having visible cues to promote a healthy habit.



Notes on the fridge to grab some fruit if you're hungry.

Laying your workout clothes out on the bed the night before.

Having a full water bottle on your desk at all times to hydrate more.


The visibility method can work the other way around to by.



Putting snacks and 'unhealthy' foods in cupboards out of sight or harder to reach places.

The routine


The key here is to start small. Make the habit ridiculously easy, so easy that you can't say no.


Habits are not life goals. It's easy to get caught up on losing 20 kilos, but you must remember that losing 20 kilos will come from the implementation of new habits.


So start small. Eat one serving of vegetables with every meal. Go to the gym just two times a week. Don't worry about performance, just get consistency and build upon it.


The reward


Celebrate completing your new habits. Not a physical reward, but congratulate yourself. Have a good workout? Say, "Nice work. I made progress today."


We want to stick to things that make us feel good. And since you need to repeat your actions to implement a habit, each time you do it you must reward yourself.


Give yourself credit and enjoy your success.



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Tim S. loved... Tracking progress

Progress tracking is a huge part of coaching. It starts with a goal in mind, which gives a direction and purpose to your training and nutrition.


Tracking gives you a deep sense of motivation as you see milestones being ticked off or look back at old progress pictures.


Being able to coherently structure your tracking so that it's not too overwhelming, but gives you (and I) an objective view as to how you're doing is key. 


I've written a much deeper post on progress tracking here.


Here is a short breakdown of how we do it:


  • Every day: training session

  • Every 3 days: scale weight 

  • Every 2 weeks - measure levels of sleep, stress and fatigue.

  • Every 4 weeks - tape measurements of body parts and progress pics

  • When needed: Food tracked for 3-5 days straight and adjustments made where necessary.


Not at all overwhelming, but a clear and concise way to see if you're on track or not.

Anders K. loved... Planning for Success

Planning comes from committing to the cause. If you're currently not in the shape you want to be, then the plan you're on at the moment isn't working.


We structure planning into:




Carving out specific times to train. They are non-negotiable blocks in your diary where it's just you and the weights. No meetings, stress or phones. Three times a week for 45 minutes each. It's very doable.




Planning what you're going to eat in advance will lead to much better food choices. Always having protein bars/powder, nuts and fruit handy will kerb temptations for a muffin or croissant in an overtime meeting.


We work on meal prepping (making healthy bulk meals in advance), choosing the best options for fast lunches in the area and having healthy snacks ready to go.

If you're interested in the final two points, type your email below and I'll quickly send them to your inbox. 

It was actually an ask by a client who paid his hard earned money to learn this stuff!