Executive Performance PRODUCTS

The Power Shift System

Personal training, but better.


It's you, and a few other high-performing men, working to regain control of your health.


What's your biggest obstacle?


- Time? We train early before life gets in the way.

- Food? It's completely outsourced. Zero worries.

- Consistency? Travel and work dinners are simple to manage.


The whole point is to reduce the effort it takes to improve your health. Usually, exercise and nutrition is a hassle. Another thing on the to-do list. Let's reduce that, bring it back to the basics and achieve incredible results.

P.S. Results also include looking better naked. A nice bonus.

Power Shift Online

Okay, maybe you don't live close enough for personal training but you still want to regain control of your health and be an inspiration (and look good naked, of course).


Power Shift Online is the solution.


There are two things you need:


1. A professional to tell you exactly what you need to do.

2. A professional who can make sure you do what you need to do.


Through online coaching you still receive the personal attention and highest-quality coaching available in Sydney. Only this time you can do it at any location and on your own schedule.


The perfect option for an executive man wanting to lose weight, gain muscle and derive the benefits of status, respect, energy and leadership which come with it.

Executive Services

I can inspire you and your team to perform at your/their best through my passion for energy, mindset, health and success.


Two ways we can do this:


1. Presenting to your team or office. A variety of health and mindset related topics available.


2. A private 1-1 consultation. In one call we can overcome your obstacles, set goals and light up the path to achieving them -- or your money back.


Both of these are heavy on actionable content and include follow-ups to ensure implementation and success.

Executive Products

Coming soon:


- A book.


- An online course.


- Whatever else I feel will benefit high-performing men.


Stay tuned.