Happy Past & Present Clients

"Michael provides an environment where you really can grow as an individual, can have a laugh and achieve success in your goals.


You can be confident in what you're doing is absolutely right."


- Dr Simon Cross, Chief Executive at Healius

"I've embraced the demons I needed to face, lost 16 kilos and now I feel much more in control of my life."


- Neil Gibson, Executive General Manager of Liberty One Steel

"The results have been phenomenal.


It encompasses the mind, the body and getting out there and performing in the real world."


- A.M., CEO 

"In 7 weeks I've lost 11kg and couldn't recommend Mike strongly enough.


He recognises the challenges people in my position have and I'm extremely happy with the results."


- Darryl Warren, Chief Information Officer of GFG Alliance

"Michael helped me fill my blind spots with more structure and encouragement so I could restore that part of me that I'd lost since running my business.

I couldn't recommend him enough."


- Karl Goodman, Founder of Athlete's Authority

"I have lost 14 kilos in 15 weeks.

Before I started training I had almost given up hope that I could ever be fit again. The change in how I feel and look is incredible."


- Margaret Murphy, Group Executive at QBE Insurance

"I'm the fittest I've ever been in my life, and very close to my weight and body fat goals.


I've been trying to get this fit for 17 years by myself - Michael has helped me achieve this in just 8 months.


If you've tried the rest with no luck- it's definitely time to try the best."


- Brendan Jones, Editor

"I'm feeling the best I have in 5 years. 

I'm down over 11kg and 13cm around my gut. Mentally, I'm clearer, stronger and finally have my energy back.


Mike's taught me to do this sustainably and I'm now on a path to better health for the rest of my life."


- Andrew Williams, Lead Advisor for NSW Treasury

"I can really see and feel the progress. It's been a big impact and people have noticed the change.


I couldn't recommend Mike more. In fact, I already have!"

- Anders Kristiansen, CEO of Espirit

"I was feeling relatively weak before. Now I've significantly increased my core strength and can do sets of chin-ups! 

Michael has been very flexible and tailored a program which he continually adjusts as I've developed. I highly recommend engaging with him."


- Martin Deda, CFO of Bravura Solutions

"It's one of the best things I've done in many years.


We started from the core and worked outwards and I'm really starting to see the benefits of that."

- Paul Dunn, APAC Director of Bravura Solutions

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"I am more than 20kg down and focused on the next 20, but more than just the weight loss I have learnt how to cope better with stress and how to set up a lifestyle that is sustainable and won’t let me down."


- Charlie Chedid, Managing Director at Chedid Property

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"Michael is highly professional, knowledgeable and patient. Every session  is challenging, interesting, and very technique focused. He also knows how to motivate you. He also has a thorough understanding of how mental health is interrelated with physical and his approach incorporates these psychological aspects into the approach. I am lucky to have him as my PT and can definitely recommend him if you want to achieve your goals.."


- Valerie Karabanoff, Asset Secure 


"Mike’s got me moving in ways, above and beyond what I expected. And to my surprise got he’s got me really disciplined, despite a busy work life, to exercise regularly and successfully."


- Michael Usher, Channel 7 News 


"I'd highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for a smart, knowledgeable trainer who brings a really balanced perspective to health and wellbeing. He is extremely reliable and very supportive."


- Ashley de Silva, CEO of ReachOut Australia

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"Ever since I started with Michael I've been feeling fantastic, full of energy and ready to go."


- A. M., CEO 

"I was caught in the trap of being ‘too busy’ and didn't understand the impact of too little exercise and too much work/stress on my mindset and efficiency.


Now, I couldn't imagine a life without my health as a main priority."


- Alex McPherson, CEO of IgnitionLaw

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"Once upon a time I was young and fit... then life got in the way. Mike has provided structure, a good routine for me and, most importantly, kept me accountable.


I am starting to feel like my young self again."


- Jeremy Pitchford, Partner at Deloitte Consulting

Happy fit client

"Smart, intelligent and well put together program within a broader picture of mental performance, recovery and mindset.


Like nothing else out there.”


- Tim Simmons, CEO of WordWorks


“Before working with Mike, results were fleeting.  I now have the required structure to replicate the success I was searching for. 

These days, discussions about success focus on ‘when’ and not ‘if’. 

I feel as though I am in full control"


- Mike Hickinbotham, Head of Media at Social Corp


“Michael communicates very well, prepares each session in detail and always makes training interesting, as well producing results. I cannot recommend him highly enough"


- Julian Sexton, Lawyer


"I've developed focus and a high standard of quality. This has transferred to other parts of my life.


It's well worth it to finally get it right rather than keep looking for quick fixes."


- Andy Gummer, Managing Principal at Westbrook Partners

"I needed to offset the unhealthy lifestyle of an office job through focused and tailored training and am very pleased with the result.


I feel very well looked after and confident in my own ability to keep getting fitter."


- Phillip Haid, Principal at Apollo Global Management

"Before I was riddled with niggling pain and felt weak on my feet.


Mike created a suitable program with the support to follow through and I feel massive improvements in such a short time."


- George Hickman, Investment and Development Manager at Kingston Estates

"Mike took time to listen to my goals and training history. He pushed me hard while also giving me good advice on a range of topics.


All in all, I would definitely recommend him"


- Dr Nick Hopwood 

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"Mike is knowledgeable, adaptable and able to wring out every last ounce of effort. In short, he’s a great coach."


- Ben Marten, Senior Legal Council at Bridgepoint

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"Michael is a very down to earth person and was respectful of my needs. He is a great communicator and knew how to bring out the best in me."

- Ron Sinha, Senior Tech Specialist

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Mike is a great coach and I loved every single session with him. 100% recommend him!"


- Paul Byrne, Director of Sales at Adidas

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"With Mike’s structured program, nutrition plan and consistent support it turned something which seemed unachievable into something really achieveable.


The results have been amazing."


- Munraj Singh, Project Manager at SHAPE

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"Mike's knowledge and approach to training has been impeccable. I'd recommend him to anyone."


- Shane McCormack, Editor

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"I'm feeling great! Thanks to Mike I completed my first Tough Mudder, something I never thought was achievable."


- Ross Anderson, Partner at Latham and Watkins

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"Thanks for all your help, Michael. I'm feeling stronger and fitter than I've ever been."


- Greg Marshall, Producer at BBC

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"Before I met Mike my diet was all over the place and I had no purpose to my training. The whole experience has been awesome and he helped me do my first chin-up!"


- Mark Warburton, Founding Director of Games Buddha

"Michael has been great, working around my injuries and pushing me to accomplish more each session."


- Christian Beyer Tarp, Associate at The Blackstone Group

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"I've developed the discipline of waking up and having a purpose in my training. 


I'm super pleased with my physical transformation."


- George Ross, General Manager at The Star Entertainment Group

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"I came riddled with niggling injuries and just wanting to feel better.


Now I have 2kgs of extra muscle, am leaner than ever, can deadlift my body-weight with ease and am completely injury free. I feel great!”


- Steve Waugh, CFO/COO at Breakthrough Media

"I've had trainers in the past but Mike had a specific way of coaching unlike anything else."


- Nigel Van Zyl, Partner at Proskauer Rose

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