Power Shift Online

Remote Coaching - Any time of day, anywhere in the world, at your total convenience. 

For hard-working men wanting to create a body they can be proud of WITHOUT sacrificing their work, family or life.

It was three years ago. I sat in the local cafe sipping on a long black and ruminating on what was about to happen.


My phone began to vibrate across the table. A call.


I’ve never been one to shy away from investing in myself. It’s arguably the best way to invest money as, in my eyes, you are the most important person in the world. But, what I was about to get into was more than I had in my bank account.


I answered the call.


Before the man on the other end could open his mouth, I murmured two simple words.


“I’m in.”


And now, shooting forwards to today, after a three-year journey of highs and lows I’m in a position to offer exactly what I wanted.


To deliver the highest-quality remote coaching service specific to the needs of executive men.


The whole experience challenged me to evolve as both a coach and a person. Thinking not only of my own needs but how I could best serve the needs of others. There were clear weekly goals and an overarching end-game which we never lost sight of, and, of course, the certain expectations my coach had of me.


Sometimes, that’s all you need.


A well-thought-out plan on what to do and someone to make sure you actually follow the plan.


As one of my current personal training clients recently told me, “It’s not a matter of IF I succeed, it’s a matter of WHEN.”


The acknowledgement that he will achieve his goals by following the plan has given him the confidence in his body, control over his day and internal motivation to keep going.


Plus, led to a tidy 14 kilos of fat loss so far.


These are expected results.

Discover how you can build a rock-hard physique, feel like you did at 25 and become an inspiration to the ones you love.

  • Do you find that you don’t know where to start?


  • Have you have felt embarrassed when looking in the mirror?


  • Do you hate the slumps in your energy during the day, which only a caffeine hit can fix?


  • Do you have stubborn belly fat that just won't budge?

Are you frustrated by the feeling inside that you can’t seem to master this area of your life?


Remote Coaching is the answer.


  • You CAN be proud of your body and inspire others


  • You CAN look lean, muscular and fit and feel like a million bucks.


  • You CAN become relaxed and confident in your health and never have to worry.


  • You NEVER have to think of yourself as 'old' ever again.

"I can really see and feel the progress. It's been a big impact and people have noticed the change."


- Anders Kristiansen (CEO of Espirit)


Imagine a year from now.

  • Imagine if you looked in the mirror and you were proud of how little belly fat was there.

  • Imagine if you could stand up after a meeting not stiff and sore and feel ready to take on anything.

  • Imagine if you had so much confidence and energy through the day, co-workers HAD to ask how you do it.

  • Imagine if you never had a reason to question yourself, your training or your nutrition ever again.


Now, imagine if a year from now, nothing had changed.


You look and feel exactly the same … Or more likely… worse.


I sincerely don't want that to happen.


To take the reigns of your health you need two things:


  1. To know what to do

  2. To actually do it


Remote Coaching provides both of these in a neat little package.


You receive the guidance of myself, as your coach, showing you exactly what you need to do and also receive strong accountability to do it.


And I’ve been doing this for far too long to let you fail.


Any obstacle which threatens to throw you off is taken care of. We can go through it, under it, over it, around it… whatever the method you know we ARE getting past it.


Plus, there are a fair few more benefits.



12 ways Remote Coaching gives you everything you need to look fantastic in a suit and even better naked.



You get:


  • ​​A coach who will make it their personal mission in life to help you in any way possible.

  • Access to a private app with all of your programs, nutrition and measurements on it. Everything is in one place for ease and simplicity.

  • A fully personalised training program specific to your needs and abilities so you're never confused about what you need to do.​​

  • A weekly feedback sheet so you can always take action to improve.

  • A thorough initial assessment so we can fully dissect the goal and make a plan to get there.

  • Accountability through the private app, email and mobile so you feel accountable for your actions and pushed towards your goal.

  • Nutrition guidance designed to fit your goals and your lifestyle so results come with ease.

  • Example meal plans and energy tracking advice to give you a head start in taking control of your diet.


  • Supplement recommendations based on your individual needs so you can maximise your results.

  • Continuous body measurement tracking so you're always on target and you can be inspired by the progress you've made.

"I needed to offset the unhealthy lifestyle of an office job through focused and tailored training and am very pleased with the result.


I feel very well looked after and confident in my own ability to keep getting fitter."

- Phillip Haid (Principal at Apollo Global Management)


Remote Coaching is a revolutionary concept, so here’s how it works.



  1. You apply. Then, we chat and determine if you are a good fit for remote coaching.

  2. If yes, you are given a login for the private app (accessible on all devices).

  3. You take your initial measurements.

  4. You train, I coach, we overcome obstacles and you make progress.

  5. Results.


And that’s the beauty of it. Deliciously simple and all at your total convenience.



The best thing about Remote Coaching? It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Personal training isn’t cheap. You know that.


A 1-on-1 session with myself is $130. It’s worth it, but for some it may be too much. Especially if you consider the need for multiple sessions a week (most people do three).


That’s a major benefit of Remote Coaching. Still the outstanding level of quality and service but for a fraction of the price.


Here’s a quick breakdown for you:


  • 2-4 training sessions a week worth $260-520

  • Access to the app worth $50

  • Weekly feedback and progress monitoring $100

  • The knowledge to keep your results for the rest of your life = priceless


Total cost = $410-670/week


What I’m offering = $50/week.


The price of one dinner.



You should also know it’s all risk-free.


I’m 100% certain about what I do, therefore I'd like to extend you an offer. If after 30 days you are not satisfied with the program, just send me an email saying so and you will receive your money back -- no questions asked.


If you invest in me, I will invest in your success and satisfaction.



"Before I was riddled with niggling pain and felt weak on my feet.


Mike created a suitable program with the support to follow through and I feel massive improvements in such a short time."


- George Hickman (Investment and Development Manager at Kingston Estates)

There are only 6 available spots for remote coaching right now.


The experience is completely personalised and to do that, every client deserves a high level of attention and service. I cannot take anyone and everyone. You must be a good fit.


This system is designed for busy, hard-working men. It is made to work even if you:


  • Travel a lot

  • Have a family

  • Work a lot

  • Have many other responsibilities



This program is not for you if:


  • You are looking for a quick-fix


  • You're stuck in your own ways


  • You're a quitter


  • You aren't open to communication ​​


  • You don't want to go to the gym


  • You aren't in a position to make a change


If you DO feel like this program would be a good fit, fill out the form below to apply as soon as possible. I can't guarantee spots will stay open.



Alright, I want in. What do I do?



Fill out the form below to apply. I'll then get in contact and we can see if you're the right fit for Remote Coaching.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions


Will I have to spend a lot of time in the gym?


Roughy, I will get you to train in the gym 3 times per week, but this is completely dependent on your current starting position. Sessions will last around 45 minutes.


I have a current injury or medical condition. Can I still join the program?


Sure, all I ask is that you tell me the details before we start. If for any reason I can't work with your injury I'll let you know.


How does payment work?


We use Stripe. It's simple, secure and easy to set up payments. Remote Coaching has a minimum commitment of 3-months unless you reach out and cancel within the first 30 days in which case you will be refunded in full.


How long does it take to see results?


I can say this, it is dependent on the individual but in almost every case results are seen within the first month. With consistency and dedication, these results will keep rolling on month after month. My goal is to set you up for long-term success - you keep every result you gain.


Do you have any terms and conditions?


Everything will be discussed during our first chat. Or you can ask for any specifics beforehand if you'd like a heads up.