What Is The 'Best Way' To Lose Body Fat?

Sorry to start off like this, but the short answer is that there is no 'best way' :(

There are many ways to reduce body fat and no one form of regular exercise of sufficient duration and intensity has been shown to be superior to others, provided it is accompanied by sensible eating habits.

Weights, running, rowing, football, classes; they all provide a stimulus of energy expenditure and promote the loss of adipose (fat) tissue.

It should be noted that bodybuilders generally have the lowest body fat percentage out of all athletes and many will not even perform aerobic activity due to its catabolic (muscle wasting) effects.

On this note, resistance training has the benefit of increasing muscle mass and therefore increasing the energy expenditure of the body (metabolic rate). Increased muscle mass also provides new shape to the body and can make general lifestyle activities easier while also providing more energy during the day making you more likely to exercise.

A good mix of progressive resistance training and aerobic activity is a good way to start losing body fat rather than an extreme amount of one type.

But when it comes down to it, the only real ‘best way’ to lose fat is adherence. Finding a mode of exercise and nutritional lifestyle you can maintain and enjoy doing is much more important than a 2 month stint of crazy diet and exercise which leaves you drained and dreading your next session.

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