Just For A Second Forget About Your Goals And Focus On This Instead

We all have things we want to achieve.

Make more money, put on some muscle, lose weight.

All of these things are positive... until you become obsessed with results and start thinking about what you don't have rather than what you do.

Setting goals can reduce your current happiness in some cases :( There is a mindset that teaches you to put success off until you reach the next milestone.

"Once I reach my goal weight, then I'll be happy. Once I reach my goal physique, then I'll be successful."

Sound familiar?

SOLUTION: Commit to a process, rather than a goal.

Choosing a goal puts a burden on your shoulders. This creates unnecessary stress. Instead, focus on the processes and enjoy them.

Do you have a goal to lose 5kgs?

Try not to think about the goal as an end point and just focus on the things which will get you there. Often these are daily or weekly tasks and habits.

In this case, some tasks/habits would be:

  • Strength training 3x/week

  • Cardio training 2x/week

  • 1 palm of protein with every meal

  • 2 fists worth of vegetables with every meal

  • Sleep 8 hours every night

Just showing up daily and completing the small processes above week after week can guarantee weight will be lost without having to get caught up in fluctuating scale numbers and overthinking things.

Focus on what you can control and celebrate every day you complete the 'process'.

Know that even if your results take years to achieve, each step you take is just as important.

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