1 Tip To Make All Of Your Goals Achievable

"Don't be a donkey." - Derek Sivers

I meet tonnes of people who are trying to pursue a number of different goals all at once but making no progress in any of them.

You may be one of these people.

You get frustrated because you need to pick one thing to focus on and you want to do them all!

I understand the feeling...

You may want to lose fat and put on muscle mass. To do any of these optimally requires different focus. Losing weight requires a calorie deficit and a differently designed program compared to one that is focused on muscle gain, which in itself benefits from a calorie surplus.

You can have both, just not right now.

But then you may say "I don't know what to choose!"

This is short-term thinking. Acting as if they don't all happen within the next month then they will never happen.

The SOLUTION is to think long term.

Just pick whichever is more important first, and nail it.

Realise that you can achieve that one goal first and then move on to the next, there is no rush!

It is just like the fable about a donkey who is standing halfway between a pile of hay and a bucket of water. He keeps looking left at the hay, and right to the water. He can't decide. Hay or water? Unable to decide he eventually falls over and dies from hunger and thirst. A donkey can't think of the future and realise that he could go for a drink first and then go eat the hay.

Don't be a donkey.

You can achieve all of your goals with a little bit of foresight and patience.

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