Honest Thoughts On Weight Loss From A Personal Trainer.

It's about 90% nutrition and 10% exercise.

And the reality is I'm shooting myself in the foot for saying this. My career is based on showing and teaching people all the in's and out's of exercise. When it means so little...

Backing up a bit, this is purely for WEIGHT LOSS. You can't out train a bad diet. The perfect exercise program, training twice a day and will do nothing if you eat too much.

Weight loss is almost completely dependant on what and how you eat.

The people that come to me wanting to lose weight but not expecting to do any work on changing their nutritional habits are doomed from the start. I can make them stronger, injury-resiliant, look and feel better, but without nutrition most likely no weight loss will occur.

I guess that comes back to my responsibilities as a trainer. Managing expectations in the beginning and thoroughly explaining what needs to happen for weight loss to occur.

Which then again, could lead me to making less money. In this over-hyped, results in zero-time, flashy supplemented and no sweat required industry, people expect some major things. If I'm completely honest, and tell them how it is, I may not get their business.

It's a bit of a conundrum. Writing helps.

In the end, I think honesty is always the best approach.

If I'm completely honest with somebody from the start, we are both on the same page and will have a healthy relationship moving forward.

If I continue on the path I'm walking, keep honing my skillset, followed along by a stronger sense of self-belief and further knowledge into the psychology of change. I'm 99% confident (I'll leave 1% for the truly special cases) I could take on anyone, resistant or not. and help them lose weight.

Exercise is extremely important for so many reasons, and it definitely does help with weight loss. But in the case of what's more important, it's actually nutrition.

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