Redefine Review: Family & Photoshoots (15/7/17)

Hey guys,

Hope you're having a fantastic week. It's my first time doing this... A short review of what happened this week; best articles, new vids and random updates.

This week has seriously been awesome!

So, get this. My whole family is over from Australia. Yeah, the whole gang. They are here in London at the moment for a big Europtrip leaving here on the 21st. It really is awesome to see them as, living on the other side of the world, I've only seen them 3 times in 3 years!

(All the gang minus the sis)

Anyway, I'm excited to share with you all the things that happened this week. Enjoy!


Ask Mike Fitness Stuff we answered:

1.What’s the deal with protein shakes? Do you need them to get ripped? When/how often should you take them?

2. Is cardio really necessary?

3. What’s the right formula: cardio first, then weight training? Or weight training, then cardio?

4. What’s the best way to curb hunger spells when it’s not meal time? I get hungry between meals.

The exercise of the week was Face Pulls

And the stretch of the week was the Spiderman

Food And Training

I've been dieting hard recently leading up to a little photoshoot I had on Wednesday night. The results looked good and I'll have some shots for you next week.

Here's what my weight progress looked like over the last 3 months.

Slow but steady progress with blips up and down. Now that's done... bring on the bulk!

What's On The Socials?


Top Fitness Articles On The Web


You might have heard of the new movie released on Netflix called 'What The Health'.

It explains how meat and dairy products promote all the bad health conditions like diabetes and cancer. Not exactly true.. This article reviews the movie with a scientifically-backed rationale and tells the real truth.

What The Health: A Movie With An Agenda


Another scientific article, but it's too good to leave off the menu. These authors nail why exercise isn't the best way to lose weight and diet matters so much more, if that's your particular goal.

Why You Shouldn't Exercise To Lose Weight, Explained With 60+ Studies


Do you think you have tight hamstrings? Let Tony show you how that may not be the case.

The Post Where I Prove It's Not Always Tight Hamstrings

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