Redefine Review: Snails & Travels (29/7/17)

Following a jam-packed fortnight, I'm writing this (watching Game of Thrones) from my balcony overlooking Positano. I couldn't be more grateful to be where I am right now.

Last week summed up my time in London. I'd been there for almost three years now so it's time to move on. Who knows where I'll end up next?

Anyway, enough ramblings. Here's what happened over the last fortnight.


In Ask Mike Fitness Stuff we answered:

1. How do I get started with weight training?

2. Is leg day really that important?

3. I see a bunch of vitamin supplements at the store. What's the deal with them.

4. Is dairy bad for you?

The best exercise was Romanian Deadlifts.

The best stretch was the Couch Stretch.

I went through a no-hassle home workout for you:

I'm also working on an exercise library on Youtube. It's slowly going to build up until every exercise known to humans is in there. Here's an example:

Food And Training

Since I've been travelling, food and training have been as good as they can be when you're out of routine in foreign countries.

The goal for training while travelling is to maintain my muscle and strength. I'm not expecting any gains during this time and getting in 3 sessions a week with the brother and sis will be fine.

There's not a chance I'll be counting my calories during this trip. One reason is that it would be too difficult with all the street food and restaurants I'm eating at. Another reason is I plain don't want to. The only thing I'm doing is trying to keep my protein high. Lots of protein, lots of veggies and lots of treats... I'm on holiday!

What's On The Socials?

I've had zero wifi for a while (gotta love travelling) so while the social media has decreased, it's given me time to write.

9 Things I Learned At PerformancePro

Since leaving PP I've had time to reflect and think about my experience there. This is a little summation of a few things I learned.

How To Survive Sitting At A Desk All Day

I give some advice for those of you who are stuck at a job where you have to sit a lot.

Top Fitness Articles On The Web

1. 44 Things I've Learned About Muscle, Fat Loss, Coaching and Manhood - Bryan Krahn

Some very wise words from a guy who has been successful in the fitness industry for a very long time. He knows a thing or two.

2. Five Damaging Diet Myths (And What To Do Instead) - Sylvia Best

Myths suck. Mainly because they are wrong. Sylvia busts the myths of clean eating and explains the carb dilemma, once you clear up these five myths, dieting will seem a little simpler.

3. 10 Daily Habits Of Healthy Lifters - T-Nation

Ten of the world's best strength coaches discuss the simple things lifters do outside of the gym to stay healthy.

4. On Respecting Reality And Moving Forward - Yoni Freedhoff

Although not fitness related, I felt obliged to add this short passage to the week's list.

'The most important question to ask yourself when life isn't going according to plan or when your deck of cards is ugly is, "what can I do today that will help even a little"?'

Next stop, Greece!

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