Redefine Review: Work & Waterfalls (15/9)

Hey Team, me again.

The last three-ish weeks have consisted of some incredible experiences.

  • Found my new favourite place in the whole of Europe - Bled, Slovenia.

  • Swam with whale sharks. They are MASSIVE.

  • Ticked magical Venice off the bucket list.

  • Swam with sea turtles.

  • Watched the final episode of Game of Thrones Season 7

Awwwwwwww snap!

I'm incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to have done all this. Words cannot describe.

Anyway, I'm coming at you live from the Philippines right now. Tomorrow I'll be hopping on a flight to go back home to Sydney.


Three years being overseas. Actually, 3 years, 1 month and 5 days. Time flies...

Although I'm still technically on holidays, I've been working daily on my own business. Hard deadlines have been set for the goals I want to achieve. Consistency in my social media presence has been on point and I'm feeling reinvigorated to smash it outta the ball park when I get back.

Vids and Blogs

Episode #4 of Ask Mike Fitness Stuff went live from Siquijor Island. The questions were:

1. What’s the best way to diversify workouts to stay motivated? Is there a specific balance of types of exercise?

2. What’s the best quick exercise routine to hit multiple muscle groups in the least amount of time?

3. Are cycle classes a good workout for weight loss?

I've had a bunch of time to write recently and I like to think I've used it productively.

My personal story of how clean eating didn't work for me got a lot of positive feedback.

'How Clean Eating Didn't Work, But Chocolate And Double Meat Got Me Shredded'

Also, I put up some solid advice for anyone looking to grow more muscle in the gym.

'5 Pure & Powerful Tips To Maximise Muscle Growth'

Food and Training

This is the only thing which has been lacklustre lately. Do you know how hard it is to find protein or vegetables in the Philippines? It's insane...

I've been playing with a new way of eating over the last two weeks.

  • Breakfast is a small portion and pushed to about 10am. I just have a black coffee earlier when I wake up.

  • Lunch is the main meal of the day. Almost two meals worth of food and easily the most calories.

  • Dinner is also small (protein and veggie focus) as I'm usually still full from lunch.

This is somewhat similar to the Warrior Diet, where you consume one meal a day which contains a full day's worth of calories. It's not quite that extreme, but it's a lot of food!

It works because my mind is less focused on food which allows me to either enjoy relaxing or spend my brain power on work instead. Might keep this thing going in Sydney.

Training-wise, the goal hasn't been to do anything amazing. Consistently getting to the gym about twice a week has maintained most of my muscle.

I swear it's salmon colour...

P.S The gyms in the Philippines are extremely humid. Over 30 degrees with no air-con has my top drenched in sweat within 10 minutes!

What's On The Socials?

As I mentioned, I've been going hard on the social media front lately. Here's a few of the most popular posts.



#1: If you learn to:

A) Understand your calorie maintenance level and what going above or below this does to your body.


B) Understand macros, what each of them does and where to find them.You’re going to have a better time in any dieting efforts than 99% of the population.

A little knowledge can go a longggg way.


Top Fitness Articles On The Web

What Coffee Can Teach You About the Food Industry.

- By Aadam Ali,

A series of 8 pictures telling the story of what we can learn from coffee. Very thoughtful.

Nutrition is not a belief system. Why wishful thinking won't get you results, but science might.

- By Dan Garner

An extremely well written article on the science of nutrition. Like it or not, your body doesn't care what you believe. There's an actual science to nutrition.

Fitness Limbo And How A Penny Can Add Perspective.

- By Jonathon Acosta

Jonathon uses the Matrix as an amazing analogy for fat-loss. Well worth the short read.

Finally, here's me trying to be all sexy.

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