The Missing Piece Of The Progress Puzzle

What if by slotting in one simple piece of the puzzle, you could complete the picture?

It can be done.

It requires hard truths. An honest look at your life and situation.

All you have to do is make a plan.

Take a step back and look at the puzzle of your life.

Where do all the pieces fit?

Where are the gaps?

Be completely honest with yourself.

Go back over the last few weeks, Monday through to Sunday, and look at it from an outside perspective.

  • Where are your obligations?

  • Where do you have spare time?

  • When do you have access to food?

  • What kind of food do you have access to?

  • Where do you have chunks of time you could use to meal prep or exercise?

Implementing fitness is no easy task. That's why so many people fail to make any progress. They think it will be easy, a complete lifestyle overhaul, and bite off way more than they can chew.

You need to be realistic.

When implementing an exercise program, think about these questions:

  • How many times can I realistically train a week?

  • What time of day can I realistically train?

  • Where will I train?

  • What could stop me from training? How can I manage that?

Once those are answered, lock it in.

This is your plan. Your consistency. Your progress. Commit to it.

For example, if you're not a morning person and start work at 7 am, don't commit to exercising at 5 am, five mornings a week. It won't be sustainable.

Or another example if weekdays are ridiculously busy for you. Commit to 1-2 shorter sessions during the week (you can do a lot in 30-minutes), and then perform your longer sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

It has to be realistic.

Planning depends on you being able to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, and playing to those strengths.

Now, let's tame the hairy monster named 'Nutrition'.

Step back and ask yourself the deeper questions:

  • Where do you typically eat breakfast, lunch and dinner?

  • What kinds of foods are available at these places?

  • How big do you want each meal to be?

  • Who do you usually eat with?

  • How much time is available to eat each meal?

  • What are you doing during your meal times? Are you on-the-go, taking care of kids, at work etc.?

It's not supposed to be easy. Take a breath and dive right in. This is how you come up with a sustainable plan to progress and earn some impressive results.

It ain't sexy, but it works.

From there, say OK.


"I have time and energy to get X amount of training sessions in a week. I can do them in X way."

"I eat at X times each day.

I eat breakfast at home, so can prepare that.

Lunch is at work, so I will find healthy options available in the area or prepare a meal the night before.

Dinner is at X, so I will do X to optimise it."


That is realistic. That is the plan.

Take action.

You got this.

(This article was inspired by a Mike Vacanti Youtube clip.)

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