10 Power Enhancements You Get From Losing Weight

When I ask my clients about the benefits of losing weight, they don't always say the most obvious things. It seems there's more to it than better fitting clothes and more confidence.

Sometimes, I'm surprised by the answers.

We all know weight loss is good for your health when you've got a little extra chub around the middle. There's no denying that.

But what are the 'other' things that pop up as a result?

There's a metric tonne of benefits you don't even realise are benefits until they actually happen. Here's 10 of those.

1. Everyday tasks feel easier.

You are lighter and, relative to your weight, you are now stronger. This makes things like walking up stairs, getting out of a car and climbing through the house window (because you left the keys inside) much easier. People have noticed this as a slight 'spring in your step'.

Don't underestimate how much of an impact this has on the quality of your life.

2. Improved discipline.

You've done something to lose the weight. Whether it was by going on a diet, following a gym program or changing your behaviours, you changed something and stuck with it. That takes discipline.

The discipline you develop through losing weight doesn't go away. Instead, it radiates into other aspects of life. You are more productive at work, your willpower is stronger and you spend more time with the family.

Losing weight takes a huge amount of discipline. It's a constant struggle between you and your emotions. Who you were vs who you want to be. Being successful can only lead to more success.

3. The shape of your face changes.

It's slimmer with a more defined jawline. Some people find this benefit the most influential. Improved aesthetics and masculinity will open many doors.

4. People notice and say nice things.

Because of this, you feel optimistic, grateful and your self-esteem blasts through the roof. You may not be doing it for other people, but when they start noticing, it feels pretty damn good.

5. Better energy levels.

With less weight to hold you down, you feel less sluggish. You are more productive and feel like you can go for days.

6. Increased sex drive.

'Nuff said.

7. Your joints feel a billion times better.

With less weight to support your joints are under less strain. No more feeling stiff and sore.

Go and wear a 10kg weight vest for a day. You'll know exactly what this means by the end of it.

8. Greater influence over the people around you.

When they see the changes you have made they will be impressed. This impression is not to be understated as most people are fighting their own battle with their weight. Seeing you take control and win the battle will develop respect which leads to them following you with increased vigour.

People follow power. Having a healthy body is a power over one's self.

9. You may see the etchings of a 6-pack come out.

This is the biggest confidence boost and driver of momentum than anything else on this list. Being able to see your abs is a pipe-dream for some, given over to the power of hope.

But, what if it actually happens? What if you start to see the outlines of the first two peeking through?

This is massive.

10. You'll live longer.

Finally, the most important of all: a longer life. We don't overtly think about it, but we all want to live longer and know that losing weight will help with that.

Time is the only thing that is finite in life. My guess is that you want to extend it as much as possible.

The benefits are pretty clear and this only scratches the surface.

Now, a task for you.

After reading this, list all the reasons why you shouldn't lose 10 kilos.

You already know this list will be shorter (and consist of excuses). There's simply no reason other than laziness and fear of failure.

You made up your own mind just now.

The benefits outweigh the cons by a long shot. Only you are in the way.

Go do it.

(And if you need help, reach out to me.)

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