How Fitness Can 10x Your Status

Like the scent of pancakes wafting into your senses on your Sunday beach stroll, cravings are a sensation which you can't ignore.

Luckily, we can just buy some pancakes and be done with it.

When it comes to fitness the craving is much harder to satisfy.

We all have physical goals.

They can be aesthetic, like have a 6-pack or develop arms that could be mistaken for cannons. Or they could be performance related, like squat 200kg or hit a chin-up.

But think about it...

Are these REALLY the goals?


The real goal is to attain the feelings associated with those physical goals.

  • The pride of being able to squat such a massive weight.

  • The confidence to take your shirt off at the beach.

  • The self-esteem which comes with knowing you mastered your own bodyweight by hitting a chin-up.

  • The respect gained from being the only one in the room who isn't overweight.

  • Even the ability to brag. To be able to tell your friends of your accomplishment and have them gawk in admiration.

And in the end, they combine together in a way which increases your status.

The feeling of fitness satisfies our deepest emotional cravings.

It's hard for us to nail what that means in words. For each of us, the context is different.

But the results are the same.

Being physically fit, and feeling fit, leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  1. Your emotional cravings are met.

  2. Without the burden, you walk taller with your shoulders back.

  3. People recognise this as an act of dominance and respect you further.

  4. In this, further emotional needs are met.

  5. You stand even taller.

  6. People regard your status as ever-growing.

Fitness provides a conduit to increase our status among peers, friends and the people we want to impress.

If you're not 'feeling fit', why?

It goes way beyond 'losing 3 kilos'.

Taking control of your health and making fitness a priority in your life extends into every single aspect of your life.

It makes you a better leader, demands authority, generates respect, decreases stress, exudes status and increases energy.

How would you feel if you had these things?

I think you know the answer.

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