Your Physicality Equals Your Mentality

This post contains the writings of Alexander Cortes - a major influence and recommended resource.

Physical health is one of those areas where everyone "knows" its important. They plan for it, think about it and ruminate on it.

Most of the time nothing gets done about it.

It's importance gets forgotten about and is left highly underestimated.

The Physicality=Mentality relationship is not often obvious until it's falling apart.

At that stage, it can be too late.

Your physicality influences how you interact with the world, as well as how it responds. When you change your body, you change your future.

A simple improvement in your physical shape and capacity can change the world around you in ways you can't imagine.

You strengthen your breathing, and suddenly your ability to speak and express yourself clearly has strengthened as well.

You strengthen your hands, and now you feel you can handle more than you have before

You strengthen your spine, and stress does not bear down on you the same.

You strengthen your legs, and you stand differently. What once tired you out is now something you walk through without reservation.

You stand a little taller, and move a bit more self assured.

Things change.

Important things.

Things you wouldn't consider until you come by them and realise all that you've been missing out on.

A major benefit of improved physicality comes from what others think of you.

You have changed, not only inside but outside too. In accordance, others have to change their estimation of you. You're more capable than they previously thought. You are more than what you once were

They are right.

You are more.

Your physicality sets the limits to what you believe you can accomplish.

It defines what you are capable of, and not capable of. Expanding your physical capability expands your possibilities in all other areas of your life.

When you go to the gym, you are training yourself to be more capable. You are going beyond prior limits. You are facing the unknown, boldly, and realising you can handle what is there.

In the process, you learn about yourself by recreating yourself. You say yes to your own potential.

This can be both rewarding and a spiritual release.

At this point, your mentality becomes your physicality. In return, your physicality creates your mentality.

You know a sense of Inner and Outer strength that few people ever experience.

And it will guide your entire life, so long as you live by it.

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