Imagine What You Could Accomplish If You Stopped Sabotaging Yourself.

How much time do you waste a day?

I'm not talking about the time you have to relax, chill-out and chillax. There's a time to 'switch-off' and do nothing. That's fine.

I'm talking about the time you really waste. When you're sitting there doing something you know you shouldn't be and throwing away your most valuable asset. Time.

Probably a lot. Like most of us.

The ugliness of wasted time is known deep down.

You sit there flicking through your Facebook feed for 25-minutes more then you realise and you feel guilty about it.

Or you say "just one more episode" and go to bed much later than you wanted. Then you feel tired the next day and wish you hadn't.

We know in our subconscious when we have done something we shouldn't have. For some reason at that time, the quick pleasure of the easier option makes us feel guilty.

That feeling of guilt? That's your future-self chastising your now-self for limiting their future.

We are not living up to our own potential. And we know it.

It's a hard fact to swallow.

Human potential is an abstract concept. There's no defined or material way to describe it. Yet, when someone says you're not living up to it, you know exactly what they mean.

We are our own biggest critics.

We know how much we self-sabotage ourselves daily. We do things we shouldn't when others aren't watching, but we can't fool ourselves.

We all know what we have to do.

For reasons, we don't do it.

The turning point comes down to a decision to stop sabotaging yourself. Get out of your own way and let yourself be the best 'you'.

Imagine, for one day, you did everything you knew you had to do.

Every little thing. Make the bed. Put rubbish in the bin. Reply to a message then move on to the next task before being sucked into the social media void.

You acted according to your values and did what you had to.

You would have a fantastic day. A 'GOOD' day.

Let's expand this concept. Imagine if you did this for a week. You took on all responsibility and aimed at a higher purpose. It's your life and you're going to live it out the best you can.

You would have a damn 'good' week.

Now, imagine if you did this for the next 10 years...

The potential is infinite.

Your potential is infinite.

We don't even know what that looks like. The compounding effect of doing everything you know you have to do is immense.

Inevitably, it's unattainable. No one can live like that (unless you're a monk).

That's not the point.

The point is to aim at that higher purpose. Aim to do more of what you should be doing, and less of what you shouldn't. You know what these things are.

You can accomplish greatness if you would only get out of your own way and stop sabotaging yourself.

Make the decision. Then, catch yourself before you commit an act of sabotage and step out of the way.

The only person who can do it is you.

Aim to be better and your potential becomes infinite.

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