Untangle Your Brain With A Journal

I do it on the sofa. I do it in bed. I do it in the spa. I do it pretty much anywhere.

I journal every day.


Because it's an outlet, a review and provides perspective. It's like a massage for your brain.

And who doesn't like massages?

Journalling is an outlet.

Journalling allows you to untangle the mess of thoughts running through your brain at warp speed. It pulls them out of your head and puts them on paper.

The best thing is, there's no filter. You are free to creatively write whatever comes to mind. This is called 'scribbling'.

Put whatever you're thinking about in writing.

You can air grievances, hash out worries and complain all you want. Or you can head in the other direction and write about all the awesome things which happened that day. All the little things you are grateful for. The sunshine, your health, a happy family or a good cuppa coffee.

It's all in your hands. Literally.

And that's the beauty of it. You are in complete control.

Journalling is a review.

Another reason journalling is important is it allows you to review yourself (and be brutally honest).

You can see the things you did great at and gives you the opportunity to celebrate those wins.

It also let's you see where you could have done better. Next time, in a similar situation, you will notice this, and in fact be better.

This aspect of small, constant self-improvement is extremely valuable.

Journalling provides perspective.

In your review you tend to focus on particular events during the day.

Maybe Martha stole your stapler, the dog pooped inside or you had a bad round of golf.

When you look back on these events in an objective manner, coming from a place of calm and gratitude, you see they don't matter.

Most things you stress about are simply not that big of a deal.

Giving yourself a daily dose of perspective does wonders for your mindset, stress levels and sense of control.

How to journal.

For myself, I tend to use the 'Best Self Journal' which is a template where you fill in the blanks. It asks for gratitudes, wins for the day and things to improve on. It also provides space to plan tomorrow and preset important tasks which need to be done.

Others prefer a good old plain notebook.

There's no real 'how to' as it's a personal practice. You do what works for you.

You can cover things such as:

  • Gratitudes.

  • Affirmations.

  • Big audacious goals.

  • Priorities for tomorrow.

  • Wins for the day.

  • Things to improve.

  • How you feel at this moment.

  • Tomorrow's plan.

  • Free flow writing about whatever is running through your mind.

It's up to you. Choose a few which you believe you'll get this most value from and start a nightly journal.

It take 5-minutes.

Journalling is a tool to improve your life.

The best part, as you just read, is it only takes 5-minutes a day.


For the amount of mindfulness, productivity and focus you get out of it, that's an incredibly worthwhile time investment.

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