8 Reasons You Have Low Energy + Real-World Fixes.

If the government suddenly decided that coffee was now illegal we would have some serious problems.

Half of the population runs off it.

Artificial energy has become a necessity as men find the glow of their youth dimming into the leftover coals of last nights fire.

It shouldn't be this way.

You should (and deserve to) feel energetic throughout the whole day.

Here are 8 of the main reasons you have low energy and some real-world ways to fix them.

1. You're stressed out of your mind.

Some stress is good - it makes you perform. Too much stress is bad and can overwhelm you, sending you into the grasp of an energy crisis.


Read these.

Meditation for the Modern Man (no ohmmm nonsense)

6 Powerful Ways to Plummet your Stress Levels (number 6 will make you think)

2. You don't move or sweat enough.

It's most likely due to time and priorities. You don't think your health is important enough to spend your precious time on. It is.

If Barack Obama can exercise while running a country, you can find the time.


Start a regular exercise routine. Lift heavy weights with perfect form. Be out of breath every now and then.

Get movement in during the day wherever possible. This will help: How to Survive Sitting at a Desk All Day.

3. You eat crap and have numerous deficiencies.

You complain about low energy yet use the cheapest fuel you can find. Of course, you have no energy. You most likely have inflammation eating away at every joint, brain fog and a poor nutrient profile.


Eat like an adult.

Be responsible for what you put in your mouth. Eat until your 90% full. Minimise sugar. Don't snack. Your priorities should go protein, fat, vegetable then carbs. Develop a routine around eating times and plan meals ahead.

4. You can't say 'no'.

You're overwhelmed because you take on more than you can handle. People are constantly emailing you for your opinion and you are involved with way too many projects.


Say yes to everything? Stop it.

Begin by respecting yourself and your time. People will follow suit. Once they understand you are not a walkover they will find other people to do the dirty work.

It may be hard in the beginning as you have garnered a certain amount of expectation.

Realise that you can make much more of an impact when your energy is sniper-focused on a task rather than a scattershot of weak intentions.

5. You have low testosterone.

Which is way too common in men these days.


Read this article: 21 Simple Ways to Increase Natural Testosterone Levels.

Start by implementing 5 points and go from there.

6. Your sleep cycles are out of whack.

Similarly to how you don't prioritise exercise as an important part of your life, you tend to sacrifice sleep at any opportunity.

Sleep affects every single function of your body. Every organ. Every molecule. Every brain cell. Not getting enough sleep is worse than smoking, sitting and drinking combined.


Take sleep seriously.

  • Your room should be completely black (not even a little LED light).

  • No screens 30 minutes before bed.

  • Use night shift mode on your phone and computer when the sun goes down.

  • Put your phone on aeroplane mode.

  • Journal or meditate if your mind is racing.

  • Sleep in a cool room.

Sleep deserves some serious respect.

7. You are dehydrated.

Your body is dry and screaming at you to water it. Once you realise your thirsty your body is already dehydrated - too late.


Buy a large drink bottle and have it with you at all times. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day.

8. You have no deeper purpose.

Your energy sucks because nothing really matters. There's nothing to be energetic about. That's unacceptable.

Purpose is fundamental to life. It's the meaning of life itself. A solid purpose is a bottomless vat of energy waiting for you to harness.


Learn how to set goals. This article will help.

Develop an air of gratitude. Your purpose doesn't have to be all grandiose. It's completely personal.

Read this book (it changed my life).

This article is honest. Maybe too honest. But it needs to be this way.

"I'm tired" shouldn't be your default answer when someone asks how you are. You deserve to be commanding respect with your influence and making an impact left, right and centre.

Your energy levels are within your control. It's up to you to take action and not settle for being substandard.

They key is real world fixes. The Power Shift System works in the real world.

In the real world, life is hard. That's why the Power Shift System was developed.

It makes taking control of your health simple and easy. You outsource your complete nutrition (with a meal delivery service) and train with other high-performing men in a culture of quality.

The Power Shift System takes away obstacles, rather than adding to your to-do list.

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