Momentum is the Ultimate Goal for Everyone

You’re in a jet black Ferrari Enzo speeding down the empty highway.

What takes more energy?

1. Skidding to a complete stop.


2. Continuing to speed down the highway.

Simple. 2.

It’s much easier to keep on moving forwards at the same speed. You're in a position where you can ease of the pedal and keep coasting at the same speed.

This is the beauty of Momentum.

Once you have it, you’re set. You get into a routine and life just flows. The pieces fit together and you find yourself with great clarity earning some great results.

Momentum gives you the feeling of pure contentment, like a baby’s smile for your mind.

The hard part?


Inertia is a backpack filled with rocks. It weighs you down and doesn’t want you to go anywhere.

You have a goal to lose the gut and start taking your health seriously. It’s the 8th time in the last three years you’ve thought this.

“But this time it’s different.”

It isn’t.

Inertia holds you down and wrestles you into submission.

I had a client like this when he first came to me. Sick to the stomach of failing over and over, he knew he couldn’t do it on his own. This was his last resort.

We did 3 things:

  • Stuck to the basics.

  • Seamlessly melded the basics into his lifestyle.

  • Developed the habits and behaviours needed to regain control of his health so it became second nature.

By keeping it simple and focusing on ‘making life easier instead of adding more to his to-do list’, he was able to get into a nice rhythm. Consistent in his efforts, he slowly began to change.

He soon reached a point where the healthier behaviours became the automatic choice.

You can imagine where he is now.

Once you reach that stage of Momentum where it’s harder to stop than it is to keep going you’ll realise you’ve been holding your breath your whole life.

You finally let out an exhale of elation. There’s nothing left to fight. You can enjoy life knowing you’re in control.

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