Are You Wasting Time Making Meaningless Choices?

Which colour shirt, between black, grey and dark blue are you going to wear today?

Which route, between two of equal distance, are you taking on your way home tonight?

Which table are you going to sit at, which piece of fruit should you eat, which tie to wear?

These are all choices and they don't matter.

This or that, one or the other, it doesn't matter. A choice is not a decision. We have to make many of these choices every day. They don't require the same depth of thought as decisions and are, in essence, meaningless.

We place much pride in being great decision makers.

Decisions come with first, second and third order consequences. We put in effort, open our minds to future possibilities and weigh all of the connected perspectives to be able to come up with the most correct decision.

Our decisions are related to our personal success. A series of superior decisions can put you in a more favourable position. They hold immense weight in our minds as much depends on them. This weight can pay off, but most of the time it proves to be a heavy burden to carry through each day.

If decisions cost us so much, we should try to make a few as possible to increase the odds of making the right decisions on things that matter.

Stop making meaningless choices into decisions.

We can save a lot of time, mental effort and anxiety by making our meaningless choices effortless.

Flip a coin, pick the first one or simply have a rule and make the choice.

Seriously, considering hiring between two equally exceptional designers? Pick the one with the shortest last name.

Thinking about which gym program to follow? Put the top 3 in a hat and draw one out.

Picking a table at a restaurant? Always choose the back left corner.

Why not?

You don't have the resources to dive deep into the minor details of every single decision. Just make it a choice. The outcome will be exactly the same.

Save those resources for the decisions that truly matter.

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