The One Definitive Trait Of A Successful Man

The toilets backed up, sinks clogged and drains smell like the second coming of 3-week old Indian food.

Time to call the plumber.

A more adventurous man might have a crack at the pipes himself. Twist a few knobs, throw a few wrenches and TA-DA! The plumbing’s still busted...

Peter Drucker, famed business consultant, had a specific tenant he pushed his billion-dollar clients to follow:

"Do what you do best, and outsource the rest."


  1. Do the things you’re good at.

  2. Get other people to do the things you’re not good at.

Though, I admit, it’s tough to outsource.

In today's multi-faceted world, there's an incredible amount of knowledge to learn and skills to master. We feel the urge to do it all, own it all and be the one who can micro-manage an entire ecosystem of business and personal functions.

We can't.

Jack of all trades. Master of none.

We know this, yet we still find it hard to relinquish control.

Other people judge you on your masculinity, meaning ‘your ability to take life by the horns and exude dominance in all situations’. When you ask for help it highlights your weaknesses. And that’s never fun.

There are certain situations where we could outsource, but we find excuses like:

  • I'm too busy.

  • I'll do it later.

  • It doesn't matter right now.

  • It's too expensive.

All of them an easy route out and placing an immense burden onto your future self when whatever you're putting off massively begins to matter.

Myself… I’m a stubborn beast. It will take a broken leg to make me go to the hospital. Most other things I can walk off (probably to my detriment).

  • If my car breaks down I’ll try and fix it myself before taking it to the shop.

  • Broken table? Pffft. Give me a hammer, some nails and I’ll break it even more.

  • Yessir, I can install the new hardware to my computer without wiping everything.

In hindsight, all of these are stupid.

Especially since I know zilch about cars, carpentry and computers.

It’s much easier, efficient and effective to outsource the work to a professional.

The same principle applies to your health.

You may be struggling with an ever expanding gut, injuries, feeling demotivated and feeling like you've run a marathon by walking up a flight of stairs.

Yet... still clinging onto the hope that you can take care of it yourself.

The same excuses rear their ugly heads again and again.

  • I'm too busy to eat right.

  • I'll join the gym soon.

  • I'll do it when life settles down.

There's never going to be a right time and you'll find yourself putting it off until the end of time, or until it's too late.

This is one of those moments where you admit it's something you're not good at. Many people already do this. It's not admitting weakness, it's being smart.

Health is in a bad way and not getting better any time soon?

Outsource it.

This is what personal training, meal delivery and consulting is all about. Take as many obstacles away so you can regain control of your health with as little resistance as possible.

My own signature program, The Power Shift System, is based on this principle.

  • Your nutrition is done-for-you (cooked, measured and delivered).

  • Your training is clear and concise. Show up, execute, done.

  • Your motivation is made through the friendships you develop with the other men and myself waving the flag.

  • Your excuses are flattened by acute problem solving and thorough support.

It’s designed to cover all bases. A proven system that works for busy, executive men to help them regain control of their health, be an inspiration and look better naked (of course).

Are you done with the struggle and ready to make life simple again by outsourcing your health?

Apply here as spots are extremely limited.

Get access to the exclusive  "Health Mastery Blueprint" I share with every single new client.

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