Train Like It's Your Job

It's damn cold outside...

Winter is here. With rain pattering against your bedroom window, darkness lulling you back to sleep and the snooze button tempting you with loving 'click me' eyes, you'd rather stay snug under the sheets than face the day.

But, you've got to go to your job. People are depending on you. You can't just not show up today. It's your career and, as much as you don't want to do it today, you gotta leave your comforts behind you.

You don't make excuses not to go to work. You just go.

But what if it's not your job you're getting out of bed for?

It's the gym.

No one's depending on you to show up. No one knows if you train or not. No one cares if you stay in bed.

Only you will know.

You MUST do it for yourself.

What if you don't feel like training?

To give you some insight, 80% of the time I don't feel like training. I train five times a week so four of those sessions I'd happily not do.

The thing is, I haven't missed a session in 10 weeks as of this article.

50 training sessions. 40 of them I could have made an excuse and skipped that day. We are extremely good at rationalising our decisions to ourselves. Most of the time the excuses are weak as piss and deserve zero acknowledgement.

  • Do you ever feel like going to work?

  • Do you ever feel like changing you baby's nappy?

  • Do you ever feel like doing laundry?


You do it anyway because you must. How you feel doesn't matter.

What if you really, really don't feel like training today?

Suck it up.

Training is not an emotional decision. What's emotional is you reaching a physical goal which makes you feel your life is complete. The feelings of confidence, authority, pride, happiness -- these are the emotions and feelings which matter.

Whether to train or not today is not a decision. It's a predetermined action you have to take.

Even if you really, really don't feel like training you have to take action and do it. Like going to work, place your emotions to the side, throw on your shoes and get to the gym.

Those higher level feelings which will change your life depend on it.

Don't give up what you want MOST for what you want NOW.

We are creatures of impulse and emotion. You can see how marketers use 'limited time only', '50% OFF' and 'flash sale' to target this.

We make a decision based off emotion and then rationalise our decision afterwards. Emotion is short term. It's the 'now', without any thought to the future.

You must train like it's your job - otherwise you'll rationalise excuses not to go and give up on the things you want most.

The ONE trick to ensure you treat training like a job.

Sit down and think about, in extreme detail, all the ways in which reaching your physical goal will change your life.

  • Think about the self-talk when you see a picture of yourself.

  • Imagine how your relationships will change.

  • Think about are the activities you would be capable of.

  • What will people's first impressions of you be?

  • Think how you will finally be living up to your own full potential.

Now, put these thoughts into a single, repeatable paragraph.

Whenever you don't feel like training, and the short-term emotions are threatening to tie you down, recite your paragraph. Move from the short-term to the long-term.

Reaching your potential, validating your identity and leaving a legacy are a lot more powerful than any small excuse your impulse brain can think up.

Use your phrase as your light at the end of the tunnel, pulling you out of your dark surroundings are placing your focus on your higher meaning.

Short-term sacrifice for long-term gain.

Even Muhammad Ali hated training. That didn't stop him.

To live the life of a champion.

You must train like it's your job.

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