The 3 Things Which Determine 90% Of Your Fitness Results.

There are two types of people in the world:

A. The ones who relentlessly stick to the basics.

B. The ones who major in the minors.

One achieves greatness, the other dwells in frustration.

The longer I continue down the career path of 'health and fitness' the more it becomes obvious there are literally three things which determine 90% of your results. Bryan Krahn mentioned these in one of his emails:

  • Being mindful and deliberate in your food choices (and accountable for your actions).

  • Exercising hard for you in a progressive manner.

  • Staying the course.

Seeing clients who are able to relentlessly master these three basics leads them down a path of exceptional results and blissful simplicity.

Then, there are the unfortunate clients who are far too caught up in the details. There are 100,000 things you 'could' be doing. But how much do they really matter?

Be mindful and deliberate in your food choices (and accountable for your actions).

Mindful, deliberate and accountable; nutrition gets a 3-pointer.

Mindfulness is the opposite of mindlessly eating while watching Home and Away. It's 'how' you eat. You should be aware of what you're shoving down your face-hole, if it tastes good and how you feel afterwards.

Deliberate refers to 'what' you eat. You inherently know what foods will move you closer towards your goal and which will put you back a step. On that sliding scale, it's up to you to deliberately eat the right things, one meal at a time.

Accountability has nothing to do with nutrition and everything to do with you. You're an adult who makes decisions. No one can make you eat McDonald's -- it's always your choice. Accept responsibility for this and don't make excuses. You can also outsource this accountability by having a coach, making the process 10x easier.

Exercise hard for you in a progressive manner.

I'll repeat that again... exercise hard for YOU. It doesn't matter what Joe Blow is benching next to you or how fast Chicken Legs is running on the treadmill. They don't impact your results whatsoever. As long as your workout is pushing you and leaving you with the energising feeling on conquering a difficult task, you win.

There are people you see at the gym who look the same as they did last year, which is the same as they did the year before. Although they train consistently, they do the same exercises with the same weights every session.

Your body loves its comfort zone.

Your body is also an adapting machine and will change if you force it to. That's why you should also be looking to improve. Push for one extra rep compared to last week or add a little bit more weight to the bar. These little progressive increases ensure there's always a stimulus for your body to adapt to. Without it, you'll lie stagnant as you are.

Stay the course.

It's the novelist who pushes on, writing one word at a time, even though it feels like each keystroke takes a little piece of his soul with it.

It's the entrepreneur who, with severe debt overhanging, continues to network, cold call and sell, refusing to give up.

It's the overweight man who decides to lose weight. He sets a goal, follows a diet and exercise program and sticks to his guns over the long-term, making no excuses.

These are the successful ones. What they have in common is consistency.

There are no overnight heroes when it comes to health and fitness. Every Instagram celebrity you see had to put in the work for a long time before they produced a like-worthy selfie.

Health is an infinite game. There are no winners or losers. No endpoint. For you, all you must do is stay the course and improve a little bit every day.

By doing this, you will find your success.

Relentlessly stick to the basics and you will achieve greatness.

There are only 3 things that matter. They are the big rocks of progress. Throw this quote up on your wall...

"I am mindful and deliberate in my food choices. I exercise hard and improve each time. I do this every day."

It's literally all you need to do.

The other 100,000 things like should I follow a keto diet or a paleo diet... should I do 8 reps or 12 reps... should I run or bike ride...

Don't give them the time of day.

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