How To Eat Asparagus & Conquer Your Body

What's one vegetable which causes you to dry heave at the thought of eating?

Brussel sprouts?

Celery? (so tastless...)


All terrible. Let's take asparagus as our example.

I want you to chop off the tiniest piece you can, so insignificantly small you won't even taste it - and eat it.

That wasn't too bad.

The next day you chop off a slightly larger piece, still tiny and insignificant, but you got a bit of flavour this time.

The next day, a tiny bit bigger and a teensy bit more flavourful.

And so on. Your only goal is to not break the chain of asparagus munching.

Soon enough, it becomes normal to eat asparagus. You might not be in love with the flavour (who is?) but it doesn't matter. You're now able to eat asparagus without dry heaving and it's become a staple of your diet. Best of all, you hardly even think about it anymore - there's asparagus on your plate; you eat it.

You can follow this exact same model for absolutely anything you want.

Tiny changes over time, with consistency, will get you from A to B.

Now, for you, I'm sure your goal isn't to be able to down asparagus sticks like they're oreos. Your goal is to look like a million bucks, feel confident in your skin and regain control of your health.

You can use this way of thinking to conquer your body.

It comes down to 3 specific phases...

Start Ridiculously Small

Identify the smallest things you can do to begin, so insignificantly small they are almost laughable.

Some easy options include:

  • Do one pushup when you get out of bed.

  • Take one breath after a busy meeting.

  • Park 10-metres further up the street.

  • Eat one piece of asparagus with dinner.

  • Drink one protein shake as your snack.

Anything which requires a significant change in your behaviour has to start small. Lay the foundation first before trying to build a skyscraper.

Build Up Momentum

Because you started small, over time you find you're able to take on a little more. You grow confident in your ability to make healthy choices and your mindset begins to shift. You find you don't want to stop, the feeling of achieving multiple small wins every day is addictive.

  • One pushup turns into a 20-minute bodyweight exercise program.

  • Parking 10-metres up the street turns into you walking to work.

  • One piece of asparagus turns into a half-plate of veg and marinated chicken breast.

This momentum is when you start to see and feel the differences from the small changes you made. Keep riding the wave.

Find Peace In Routine

There's a tipping point where the forward momentum you gain overcomes your inertia to stop.

It becomes harder to stop than it is to keep going.

This is the end goal.

Routine is a place where you don't even think about going to the gym or choosing the protein-packed salad from the menu. Your small changes are so deeply engrained they have become part of you. We are creatures of habit and find comfort in familiarity, so reaching a point where the familiar option is the best one for your health returns a feeling of peace - you made it.

The mindset hack is to start where you are

It could be a gym membership, or maybe you're not ready and a 10-minute home workout will do.

Wherever you are... you just HAVE to start.

The first step is always the hardest so make it as small as possible and commit to taking that step every day no matter the circumstances.

Ready to take that first step but don't know where that step should be? The Power Shift System could be for you.

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