The 5 Most Impactful Things You Can Outsource In Life

Outsourcing allows you to use your time more effectively.

You already outsource in your business – you hire people to do the things you aren’t good at (or the things you shouldn’t be wasting time doing). What you want to do is apply the same principles to your personal life.

  • What are the things someone else could do a much better job at?

  • Are you doing tasks which are a waste of your valuable time?

It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s being smart. Life is already hard enough, why struggle to do things you can simply get others to do.

Here are 5 things you can outsource to make your life easier


Cleaning is part of life; the carpet gets dirty so you vacuum it. It’s not a fun or spectacular task. Could you be earning more money with your time compared to the cost of hiring a cleaner?

In most cases, cleaning should be the first thing you outsource. It frees up your time from doing a menial job for a relatively small fee.


Outsourcing your nutrition is something people don’t realise they can do – but for those who do it is an absolute lifesaver.

There are 3 reasons you should outsource your nutrition:

  1. Less time spent cooking and cleaning means more time to do more important tasks.

  2. Fuelling yourself with high-quality food will improve energy levels and productivity.

  3. Placing your nutrition in the hands of someone else puts them in charge. It’s easier to make healthy decisions when they are already made for you.

You can either sign up for a meal delivery service to assist you with meals or if you can afford it, hire a personal chef to custom cook your meals. Both will work.


Your accountant should be your best mate. They will save you a mountain of time, headaches and frustration.

Much of your finance should also be automated (a form of outsourcing). Bills should be paid, money sent to your investment account and taxes sorted – all without you lifting a finger.


The demanding life of a busy professional makes it seem impossible to take care of yourself. Working out regularly, even when you’re tired, keeps you healthy, gives you a natural source of real energy and helps you relieve built up stresses and frustration.

A personal trainer can save you months of researching the most effective workout routine and how to do it without hurting yourself. Also, it’s nice to have a person who deeply cares about your wellbeing as much (even more) than you do.


The logistical stress of travel can be a nightmare. If you travel a lot you know the stress I’m talking about. Flights, taxis, accommodation, times, dates – there are people whose job is to book all of this for you.

Outsource your travel to avoid pulling your hair out.

Outsourcing makes your life easier. You get more time to do the things you love.

The Power Shift System knocks off two of these in one swing – nutrition and fitness. If you’re interested in learning how to increase your effectiveness in life and regain control of your health, click here to read more.

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