The 5-Step Morning Routine For A World-Class Day

It’s cold outside…

The sound of the alarm brings you into another day, but you feel the darkness lulling you back to sleep and the snooze button tempting you with loving ‘click me’ eyes. You’d rather stay snug under the sheets than face the day.

You need the world’s best morning routine to get you out of bed.

Before I release the secrets of the best morning routine there’s something more important to acknowledge. You.

When you get up early to exercise it’s very easy to decide “just for today” to stay in bed. You are a creature of impulse and emotion. Marketers use ‘limited time only’, ‘50% OFF’ and ‘flash sale’ to target this. You make your decisions based on emotion and then rationalise your decision afterwards.

Don’t give up what you want MOST for what you want NOW.

If your goal is to regain control of your health you must exercise. For almost everyone, you must do it first thing in the morning. You can’t let short-term emotions halt your mission or you’ll never gain those first steps of momentum.

The ONE trick to ensure you get

out of bed

Sit down and think about, in extreme detail, all the ways in which reaching your physical goal will change your life.

  • Think about the self-talk when you see a picture of yourself.

  • Imagine how your relationships will change.

  • Think about are the activities you would be capable of.

  • What will people’s first impressions of you be?

  • Think about how you will finally be living up to your own full potential.

Now, put these thoughts into a single, repeatable paragraph (or a few).

Whenever you don’t feel like getting out of bed, and the short-term emotions are threatening to tie you down, recite your paragraph. Move from the short-term to the long-term.

Reaching your potential, validating your identity and leaving a legacy are a lot more powerful than any small excuse your impulsive brain can think up.

Now you’re awake I can fill you in on the world’s best morning routine

1. Don’t hit snooze

You’re an adult. Snooze is for teenagers.

You’re on a mission. Snooze is for lazy people with no direction.

You set an alarm because that is the time you need to get out of bed. It’s a conscious thought from the night before that this is an appropriate time to get up if you want to have time to do everything you need to do in the morning before you leave. Hitting snooze can set off a chain of reactions, the feeling of being rushed and negative thoughts about the day.

Like “today is going to suck”

It will only suck if you hit snooze.

2. Morning gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful and hugely underrated way to shift your mindset. Starting your day with an attitude of gratitude instantly gives you a positive outlook on the day and sets you up for optimism to take with you.

The easiest way to do it? In the morning spend a minute (yes, just a single minute!) thinking of 3 things if your life that you are grateful for. Be happy that these things are part of your life.

For example, my 3 gratuities from this morning:

  • The sun is shining today

  • I have a job which allows me to do what I enjoy

  • My family supports every decision I make

3. Drink a big glass of water

Your body wakes up every morning dehydrated. Get things moving again by gulping down at least 500ml of water.

4. Set your targets

Pick three things that you want to do today. Make sure these things have a strict finish point (eg. make 3 sales calls). They must line up with your long-term goals and by completing them will take you closer to achieving them.

Example – Long term goal: Lose 10kg

Daily goals:

  • Go to the gym for 45 minutes.

  • Stay under my calorie target of 2250.

  • Buy protein powder.

Three things in which you will accomplish today to leave you feeling as though the day was successful.

5. Make your bed

In his commencement speech, U.S. Navy Admiral. William H. McRaven, said:

“If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. And by the end of the day that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed.”

Now is the time to regain control of

your mornings

The Power Shift System is designed for you in mind. It covers all bases (including early morning training) and will have you progressing towards your goals at a rate you think is impossible. We don’t do impossible – we get results.
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