15 Almost-Rules of the Fat-Loss Bible

As similar as all us humans are, we are also extremely diverse.

We have different music tastes, follow different religions, like different hobbies and enjoy different food.

And we're all shaped differently; big, small, round, long, thick, thin. Some find fat-loss a breeze while others have to fight for every kilo.

That's why these are 'almost-rules', they aren't truly set-in-stone rules but instead strongly recommended suggestions based on fundamental nutritional science and practical applications.

You can bet if you're following these you'll have no trouble with fat-loss... ever.

1. Sleep 7-8 hours a night. This is almost-rule number 1 for a reason.

2. Drink water when you wake up. Water kickstarts your body to get going, a big glass (300+ mL) will do.

3. Eat protein at every meal. When in doubt, eat meat and vegetables.

4. Eliminate foods which make you feel like crap. This includes bloated, gassy, depressed, moody or lethargic. These are foods you clearly shouldn't be eating.

5. Low carb diets tend to work well these days. We don't move much, with general high insulin-resistance and extra fat on the body - so you don't actually need much carbs to get by.

6. Meal plans and elimination diets work well in the short term, not the long. They provide structure to get results but fall short as they are too restrictive and don't teach you anything about how to maintain fat loss when you're not following the plan.

7. It's normal to feel hungry on a diet. You're not eating a hell of a lot and that's exactly the point. Be aware of the difference between 'I want to eat' and 'I need to eat'.

8. Keep caffeine intake down. You can have some but overdoing caffeine will lead to increased stress (not good).

9. Eat until you're 90% full, not until you get bloated, constipated or always full. Be mindful of the things you're putting in your mouth and how they make you feel.

10. Move daily. Walk where possible and avoid sitting for long periods of time.

11. Train hard at least 3x a week. Strength training and intervals - this is all you need.

12. Plan your days. Make your health a priority and schedule it in the diary as non-negotiable blocks (eg. meal prep, gym time, what's for lunch, down time). Make decisions ahead of time.

13. Get some accountability. You are an emotional creature and having support on your side makes it ten-fold more likely you'll succeed.

14. All diets create a calorie deficit somehow. Ignore fads and the latest diet hacks, it all comes back to a calorie deficit.

15. Don't question the rules. We like to think we are the exception to the rule, it would work for everyone but me. False. Commit to the rules for a while and don't be surprised when the scale starts to move.

Apply the 'almost rules' to your fat-loss efforts. You're going to be eating healthy, exercising enough, structuring your days and your weight shouldn't be much of an issue.

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