You Must Acknowledge Your Dragon

You wake up one morning and notice you have to go up a belt buckle, you aren’t as happy with what’s looking back at you in the mirror and you’re out of breath walking up the stairs – no biggie, you’ll do something soon.

Your health is a dragon you must acknowledge and be prepared to fight every single day.

By denying the problem you allow it to grow.

The dragon, which was once kitten-size, is beginning to look intimidating. With each passing day, your health deteriorates and the dragon grows. Soon you’ll be in a fight for your life.

When I was 17 I almost lost my Dad.

It was during the financial crisis of 2008. My parents had a lot of money in the stock market when it bombed. The stress this placed on my father as a provider for the family was almost too much.

As a family, we almost lost everything and my father took it as his burden to bear.

He didn’t look after his health and it rapidly began to deteriorate.

The dragon began to grow in size as his physical and mental health declined. He denied the problem, opting to work harder instead, and eventually, it all became too much.

I experienced the consequences of denying the dragon first hand. My dad became depressed and suicidal.

It all became too real when I woke up to find he was admitted into the hospital.

Since almost losing him I’ve developed a purpose to help men to live happier, healthier and longer lives. The men who feel the weight of the world on their shoulders. The breadwinners who hold the responsibility.

And the men who feel like they can never work hard enough.

Hospital forced my Dad to acknowledge the dragon which had grown to a monstrous size. He found strength and began to fight back. These days he is the strongest he’s ever been.

As I saw him regain his strength, confidence and love of life I realised I could help other men feel in control of their health by giving them structure and support – standing by them as they fought their own dragons.

Your health is the most important thing you own. Without it, all the money, assets and promotions can’t fill the void.

Improving your health can change your life.

The sooner you take the first step the easier it will be. The dragon is still small. What you do now will improve your future exponentially.

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