The 24-Hour Rule: Take Immediate Action

As the sun dawned on the horizon of the new year you could have found me furiously scribbling on a large piece of paper.

I was writing down all my hopes and dreams.

At the beginning of 2018 I sat down and planned the goals I wanted to achieve this year. I thought to myself, "what do I actually want?"

This process, which has become a New Years tradition, is the ultimate source of my discipline, structure and purpose in life.

But what happens AFTER I do all this goal-setting stuff is what counts.

I sit there, look at the main goals, and determine one thing.

What can you do in the next 24-hours to get the ball rolling?

There are 5-10 things on the list each year, ranging from all physical to financial to personal development.

I, like most, have dreams to achieve big things.

But unlike most, I have the 24-hour rule as an ace up my sleeve.

For each of the goals on my list I determine one thing I can do in the next 24-hours to take the first step towards achieving it.

As an example, here are goals from my 2018 list and what I did on the 1st of January to get the ball rolling.

Goal: Complete in a powerlifting competition.

Within 24-hours: Pay for and lock in my position in a comp this year.

Goal: Put $15,000 into an investment account.

Within 24-hours: Choose the account, open the account and set up a weekly direct debit from my bank account.

Goal: Start my own business.

Within 24-hours: Register the business name Executive Performance.

You can see how you can use this rule for any goal you have. If you want something, take immediate action.

Fire away, don't wait for the perfect aim

This is the time of year everyone is thinking ahead and setting goals. Most people stay right there, thinking about the things they'd like to achieve but never taking any action towards them.

You're different.

Now you know the 24-hour rule you can use it in the real world.

Think you want something?


You sure you want it?

Pretty sure

What can you do in the next 24-hours to get the ball rolling?

Good question.

Take action now.

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