Top Secret: Blast & Cruise Method

The Perfectionist.

- He cooks the whole weeks meals in advance.

- He measures out every single ingredient to the exact gram of protein.

- He goes home early from a party to eat his planned dinner.

And when he (inevitably) screws up, he binges on ice cream, chocolate and Crust pizza.

He used to be me.

To my own detriment, I used to chase perfection. I had lofty physique, career and performance goals and wanted to do everything in my power to ensure I reach them.

This mindset of perfection didn’t end well and I found myself going through a continuous cycle of huge highs followed by depressing lows.

Then something changed.

I came across a new method.

I've forgotten the original genius who came up with it, but I was never the same.

The Blast & Cruise Method

There’s no doubt about it, being perfect in your exercise and nutrition regime will get you the fastest results. The problem is you can’t be perfect for long. Eventually, something’s gotta give. I know for myself I can be on a strict diet for about 4-6 weeks until I get over it, and I use this knowledge to my advantage.

I will be extremely good for those 4-6 weeks, see results, then take 1-2 weeks off.

Blast: 4-6 weeks

Cruise: 1-2 weeks

My clients use this same method.

We nail the diet and exercise for up to 6 weeks then take a 1-2 week breather. This breather allows your metabolism to stabilise (your new physique settles as the ‘norm’) and you physically and mentally recover, ready to hit it hard again.

Progress ends up looking like this (sit back and admire my artistic skills).

The key is when you're cruising, you aren’t binging, losing progress or being a slob. You’re just loosening the reigns a little to allow you to recover.

Everyone is different and responds better to different approaches.

You might like a 1-month blast alternated with a 1-month cruise.

Or even 2-week blasts with 4-week cruises.

The important part is continuous progress. In a year’s time, if you follow this method, you’ll find yourself looking much leaner. You’ll also be feeling a lot better as you get those mental breaks throughout the year.

You shouldn't chase perfection.

Let’s say you aim to be perfect this year. You are 100% on point for a while, it’s unsustainable and you know it, yet you keep pushing yourself. Eventually, you break down and go through a phase of 20% perfect. What's the point? Soon, you regain some motivation and decide to go after it again, chasing perfection.

This is the classic yo-yo approach.

But what would happen if you planned for this?

You knew your limits of perfection and could focus your efforts for a while then slow down before your burnt out. The blast and cruise method works with the ebb and flow of motivation and drive rather than forcefully pushing yourself to exhaustion.

Perfect leads to stress, frazzlement (new word?) and a cycle of failure and self-depreciation as you simply cannot be perfect all the time.

Blast and cruise leads to calm, focus and consistent progress.

Nobody is perfect all the time.

Blast and cruise.

A structured way to sort your nutrition for a long time without ever feeling burnt out, stressed, or rebounding back to where you started.

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