Email From A Client: 5 Crucial Tips For A Transformation

Today, rather than me spouting advice, I thought I’d hand the reigns over to one of my clients. Here are 5 tips, word for word, on how to transform your physique (with me expanding on each).

Over the last few months, this guy has made significant progress.

He's lost 9kgs, hit his first ever chin-up, lowered his cholesterol from dangerous to healthy and has now set his sights on Tough Mudder.

Mentally he has shifted completely, from disbeliever to achiever.

This has all happened with him working at the executive level and being the busiest man I know!

So, take these tips from his mouth, who you may share a lot in common with.

1. “Don’t let your self-confidence be your barrier”

Before working with me, he hadn’t stepped into the gym in over 20 years. As my business is in a gym, I can’t directly relate to his experience but I can definitely understand it. Loud noises, big brutes eying you off and an amount of uncertainty about what to do is intimidating and a massive barrier for a lot of people.

Your start point is different than anybody else's, your journey is your own and the hardest part is starting. Once the wheels get rolling you'll be hard to stop.

If you invest in a coach, great, it will take much of this barrier away. If not, start with what you’re comfortable and grow from there.

2. “Make sure the focus is about yourself and not others”

When no one is watching, who is holding you accountable? The intention of transforming and changing for yourself, to improve yourself, is powerful. No one else can tell you to change and certainly not force you.

Do it for you.

3. “Be honest in what you want to achieve”

Evolving from the last tip, know why you’re doing it. On a personal level consider all the ways improved health and a remarkable physique will impact your life. Chasing a 6-pack for the sake of having one is an uphill battle. What do you want and why do you want it?

When you set a goal make sure it’s realistic. Then, ensure the plan to reach that goal is just as realistic. You should be able to think about it and honestly say, ‘this is achievable and I know I can do it’.

4. “Don’t be distracted by shiny objects”

There are plenty of things out there, let’s call them shiny objects, competing for your attention. They promise ridiculous results, crazy new diets all the celebrities are using and throw unrealistic standards at you. Don't let them fool you.

Set the goal, make the plan and stick to the plan with your full focus.

5. “Accept that every week isn’t going to be successful”

Life likes to peg curveballs at you, that’s fact. As much as you’d like, there are certain things you can’t control and sometimes things don’t go your way. Any person who has achieved success knows it wasn’t linear, the ups and downs are part of the journey.

We learn more from our failures than our successes. This makes us stronger, more adaptable and, if we keep going, more likely to win the long game.

When I asked him for the advice he’d tell others I thought he'd provide training and nutrition tips. As you can see above, that wasn’t the case.

I’d like to highlight that point. The tips he gave were all mental, all about self-belief, consistency, focus and perspective.

Nutrition and exercise is the easy part, the mental is what separates the achievers from the rest.

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