Two Men. 137,025 Calories Difference.

Two similar guys work in an office together. They have the same body shape, eat the same things and both live pretty sedentary lives.

Until one guy decides to try something new.

His family got a new doggo and he walks it about 1.5km every morning. Finding he enjoys the walks, he gets another 1.5km in every day during lunch.

Using this to spur his health-kick on, he stops eating his mid-morning doughnut.

The other guy doesn’t.

He doesn’t have a dog, doesn’t walk and doesn’t stop his snacking.

In a months time, they are about 21 doughnuts and 21 days of walking apart.

In a years time, they are 261 doughnuts and 783km apart.

Doughnut guy has eaten 65,250 calories while dog-man has burnt 71,755 calories.

A difference of 137,025 calories.

They started the same, but how different must they look now?

(Science has shown it takes burning 3500 calories to burn a pound of fat. So for anyone wondering how different they would look; about 15kg of fat different.)

In the short-term, little things look to not matter much.

In the long-term, these things add up to significant amounts.

Imagine if you made some small changes:

  • You swapped your doughnut for an apple.

  • You decided to do no alcohol on weekdays and put an end to the 10+ drinks.

  • You started a 15-min bodyweight workout two mornings a week

How would that bank up over a few months, over a year or over the next 10 years?

You don’t have to go crazy and flip your lifestyle, just find a few small, healthy changes you can make, which hardly impact your life at all, and do them consistently.

Hope this article got you thinking.

I know when I was writing it I thought about all the little decisions I make daily and how they add up over time.

I’m already going to make a few changes.

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