How To Actually Train For Fat-Loss

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On Saturday I went to the Sydney Fitness Expo and it reminded me why I don’t go to those things often.

The fitness industry is beyond frustrating.

Sure, there was some cool new technology and pieces of equipment which may improve your results.

But 90% of the stuff going on there sums up what ‘health and fitness’ has become:

  • Supplements… so many supplements… All promising crazy results with little or no research behind them. It’s all a big marketing game with most people looking to make big unfounded promises (straight-up lies) to get your money.

  • Drug use (steroids) is higher than ever and cosmetic surgery is off the charts. There’s so much focus on how you look rather than how physically and mentally healthy you actually are.

  • The whole environment made me uncomfortable… and this is my industry. I can’t imagine how the average person would feel walking around there. With obesity rates climbing, the people who really need help are repelled by the industry meant to help them. 

It goes against everything I believe in.

Here’s a nice truth to kick off your Monday which many at that expo wouldn’t have told you.

“Some people say nutrition is 50% of fat-loss and the other 50% is training. It’s not. Nutrition is 100%.”

Without a sound nutrition plan with a calorie deficit, there is simply no fat-loss - no matter how many times you go to the gym a week.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking white kidney bean extract (it’s a hot thing at the moment) and doing ten F45 classes, if the nutrition isn’t solid you’ll get nowhere.

Sure, there are some things you can do to make training more targeted toward fat-loss, but when that’s the goal your focus should be on nutrition, not training.

The best way to think about it?

Eat for fat-loss, train for muscle gain.

Do this and you’ll never have a body composition worry again. You’ll lose fat AND gain muscle at the same time.

This is how I train, every fitness model you see trains and how I train my clients.

As I like to give you guys some takeaways every email, here are 2 example workouts I’ve used with my clients this month which is just a snapshot of their whole program. Feel free to give them a try yourself.

Workout 1: German Body Composition

A1) Barbell back squat 3x10-12 reps @ 3010 tempo, rest 60s A2) Banded chinups 3x10-12 reps @ 2110 tempo, rest 60s

B1) Dumbbell bench press 3x10-12 reps @ 2110 tempo, rest 60s B2) Lying hamstring curl 3x10-12 reps @ 3010 tempo, rest 60s

C1) Banded deadbugs 3x6-8/leg rest 10s C2) Side plank 3x25s/side rest 60s

Workout 2: Heavy-Light Method

A1) Back foot elevated split squat 4x8 reps @ 3110 tempo, rest 10s A2) Leg press 4x12 reps @ 2010 tempo, rest 120s

B1) Dumbbell seated overhead press 4x8 reps @ 3110 tempo, rest 10s B2) Dumbbell side lateral raises 4x12 reps @2010 tempo, rest 120s

C1) Dumbbell prone row 4x8 reps @ 2111 tempo, rest 10s C2) Cable rope pull to neck 4x12 reps @2010 tempo, rest 120s

These will do a whole lot more for you than jumping around like the energiser bunny.

I’ve got more nutrition-based content from last weekends seminar I’d like to share with you coming up, I just had to interrupt to get this out to you.

There are some dodgy people in this industry.

Be careful who you listen to.

I’ll be here trying to give you the honest truth as best I can.

Have a great week,

- Mike Gostelow

P.S. Any questions about the workouts/exercises feel free to ask and I’ll help you get started.

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