The Dreaded Performance Gap: What's The Cause?

There’s a distinct gap between current performance and potential performance.

Performance doesn’t just refer to hitting work targets. It involves the whole spectrum of relationships, achievement, how one acts, looks and feels. It's measuring oneself against standard norms over the long term in all parts of life, with most of us wanting to exceed these norms.

Talking to a fellow coach, he explained the gap can be caused by a number of things; communication skills, emotional intelligence, productivity, influence, goals and direction, values and clarity or even courage. To name just a few...

But for many (and the way I see it) that gap is health.

From this, an awkward paradox emerges.

“Neglecting your health to focus on business is the primary thing holding back your business.”

Health is the greatest ROI aspect to spend time and effort in. As it's most often the gap for executives and senior leaders, people who've had to put it on the back-burner for a while, it's the easiest to get back under control.

The two sides of the coin, physical activity and nutrition, both play roles of equal importance and lead to a third, even more important, factor of beliefs, behaviours and identity. I guess we can call this the edge of the coin, you can't have the edge without the two sides.

Nutrition is a choice. What and how you eat is dependant on you.

Closing the gap, you have more energy, better control of emotions, your skin glows, there's less the grab around the midsection and you develop the willpower muscle.

Physical activity is also a choice. One of prioritisation and time management.

Closing the gap, you stand taller, breath easier, sleep better, move more comfortable and hold yourself more confidently.

The benefits of improved health FAR outweigh the time and effort put in. Changes now will still have an impact, exponentially so, 5, 10 and 30 years down the line.

If you’ve read this far, consider how your health is impacting you and what it could mean to improve it.

How will it change things?

I’m talking about more than the aesthetics of 6-pack abs.

  • How will you feel?

  • Will your mood be different?

  • Will you think more clearly or go through the day with more energy?

  • How will that affect your work and the people around you?

I could go on and on about the multi-faceted impacts of improved health, but we all inherently know them.

The most common New Year’s resolution is about health… for a good reason. Deep down we know of the gaping hole in our performance and want to make a change. But don’t. There lies the difference between desire and action.

A large gap to fill.

A simple choice to fill it.

Still reading? It might be a good time to reflect and consider the next steps.

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