The Recipe Doesn't Work!

“I followed the recipe, and it doesn’t work!!!”

That’s how many review of online recipes begin.

Then the poster explains how he replaced the sour cream with yoghurt (the only thing in the fridge), he placed wheat flour with rice flour (because it’s gluten free, duh) and he used a toaster oven instead of a real oven…

Once you’ve started something, it’s underway - you have heart and pride invested in it.

In the face of helpful advice, it’s easy to say “sure, that’s what I’m already doing,” and then torture your description of what you’re currently doing to make it sort of, almost, sound like you’re following the suggested approach.

But you’re not.

You’re merely wasting time and effort pretending you’re doing it.

And you won’t enjoy the zero results.

Being a personal trainer, I hear things like this all the time.

  • “Sure, I walk 10,000 steps a day easy.” Then having to scroll back 11 days to find the last time they hit 10k steps.

  • “My eating is good. I eat pretty healthy.” Then hearing they booze out three times a week after work with multiple fried foods somehow finding their way into mouths.

You’re either following the recipe, or you’re not.

What if, just for a week, or even a day, you acted as if?

What if you re-did your plan or your approach in a totally new way, one that embraces the advice you’ve been given?

What if you followed the recipe by following the recipe, simply to learn the technique?

After that, after you’ve seen what it can do (and what you can achieve), you won’t need to search for any new recipes.

In the age of unlimited access to workouts, diets and professionals, the hard part about getting good advice isn’t getting it.

… It’s following it.

Only then will the wheels start turning.

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