The Best Fat Burners on the Planet

Scrolling through Instagram last night was much more stressful than it should be...

‘Experts’ are now just the people with the most followers (doing absolutely anything to get even more followers).

Every second ‘influencer’ has something to sell to their followers, taking advantage of people’s hopes and insecurities.

“Wouldn’t be here without my skinny tea! Use my discount code at the checkout for 20% off! #bootygains #livelaughlove

No, they didn’t get that body from skinny tea.

Skinny tea isn’t even a thing. It’s just normal tea and someone wrote skinny on the packaging.


There are so many better ways to speed up your fat loss progress - without burning a hole in your wallet.

The best fat burners are priceless.

Not meaning they’re expensive, but they’re totally free.

  • Consistent sleep/wake times.

  • Planning meal on Sunday for the upcoming week.

  • Batch cooking twice a week.

  • Staying busy at night. Hobbies are great (especially social ones and the type which get you moving). Social media scrolling isn’t a hobby.

  • Tracking your food (even better, you calories) as best you can. You don’t have to be perfect.

  • Go for a walk outside. No need to count your steps but all good if you do. Just get out there.

  • Reach out to an old friend. The more isolated we are, the more we focus on our own challenges. And dieting/fat loss/hunger is definitely a challenge.

  • Help someone. Yep, sounds cheesy, but it works. Solving someone else’s problem (or at least supporting them in whatever it is) naturally increases your own sense of resolve. You’ll feel more resourceful and steadfast in your challenges. Which is the key to sticking to a diet.

Yes, fat loss is food. But it’s not all about the food.

And it has nothing to do with skinny tea.

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