Better Bad Choices

He was out on the town celebrating his best mate’s birthday. He hadn’t seen his mate in ages!

He also had a fitness photo shoot next week, where he’d put down a reasonable chunk of cash to get some professional photos taken (so he wanted to be as lean as possible).

To drink or to not drink. To relax or stress. To celebrate or deprive. To stick to the diet or throw it out.

That guy was me.

And I was trying to make the better bad choice.

There are times in life where things don’t go to plan. You are forced to make a better bad choice, one where you choose the best of the bad choices on offer.

Another example would be you at a restaurant. You really want that piece of cheesecake for dessert but you ‘know’ that cheesecake isn’t in your diet.

You have 3 choices:

1. Don’t have any cheesecake. This leads to feelings of deprivation which are not healthy and generally leads to binges down the road.

2. Eat a whole piece of cheesecake. This satisfies the cravings but overloads your body with lots of fat and calories.

3. Split a piece of cheesecake with a friend. This is the best of the bad choices. It allows you to satisfy your cravings and not feel deprived but reduce the total fat and calories by at least half.

There are no absolutes for healthy eating and exercising. We are not always able to do everything as perfectly as we’d like. In fact, the quest for perfection tends to derail more exercise and dietary programs than anything else.

Life is here to be enjoyed.

We often find ourselves in the position of making better bad choices. A quick weigh up of the options sometimes shows us it’s not back and white - there’s a grey area in between where you can get a win from both world’s

As for me?

I drank at my best mate’s birthday that night. A couple low carb beers and Johnny Walker with Diet Coke :)

And I didn’t regret a thing.

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