Future You is Depending on Present You

People share their health and fitness goals with me all the time. They have pretty spreadsheets, sexy workout plans and fanciful visions of turning heads at the beach and posing for underwear ads.

“Sounds good. It looks like it’s time to do the work.”

*Awkward silence*

“Well.. yeah… I’ve been reading to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I’m also meeting with some other trainers to see if I want to get professional help. And I’m tweaking my 1-year plan, it’s looking really good…”

“No, I think you misunderstood. It’s time to do the real work. The hard work you don’t want to do.”

*Another awkward silence*

They don’t get it. Or they don’t want to.

They aren’t doing the work, and they won’t succeed regardless of how busy they keep themselves with not doing it.

What’s going on here?

They’re getting whipped in the war against Resistance.

Resistance is insidious and impersonal. It can’t be seen, but it’s swirling in you right now, and it can be felt. It will tell you anything to keep you from doing the work. It will lie, argue, seduce and bully you to get its way. It will do anything to strike a deal, and then stab you in the back.

Resistance hates anything which requires you to reduce immediate gratification in search of long-term fulfilment.

It’s the voice you hear when you wake up early and it’s cold outside.

It invades your mind with social media, television and fast food.

Make no mistake, the fight against resistance is brutal. It will tell you that you’re too weak. Too stupid. Too lazy.

But you’re not.

It can only overpower you and win if you let it.

If you defiantly do the work, resistance whithers away. Every bit chisels away at it. Do enough work and eventually the armour crumbles, its power fades and all that’s left is a whispering ghost.

Creating a healthy, strong body, a business, a relationship, or anything positive in your life, you’re a warrior and you’re enemy is resistance.

Remember this when you’re reaching for the snooze button, when you’re procrastinating, and when you’re struggling through a tough workout. If you’re looking for an excuse to skip that it’s a sign not skipping is exactly what you must do.

Future You is depending on Present You.

Each day you’re presented with one of two decisions: sell yourself short and sail a little further away down the river, or do the work now and realise your potential.

Put it off today, and you’ll be more likely to procrastinate tomorrow. Get into action now and tomorrow will be easier.

Put in the work, even when it’s hard, and you’ll be rewarded with something far better than fleeting comfort: satisfaction.

The satisfaction of knowing that you’re closing the day a little closer to your aims, that you’re living up to your standards, that you have what it takes to do what it takes.

So while you may not enjoy every workout, remember you’re always going to enjoy having worked out.

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