Top 5 Tips From A Client (who has lost over 27kg)

60+ hour work weeks are the norm for this guy.

He travels a lot and is in charge of thousands of people.

He doesn’t let that stop him.

(I’ll keep his name private, but if you’re a current client you probably know who I’m talking about as you’ve seen his transformation with your own eyes)

This guy has been with me for 6-months and has missed one workout because he was ill. ONE workout. In 6-months. It speaks a lot to his motivation and character.

Last week I asked him,

“What advice would you give yourself if you had to start all over again?”

Here are the golden words of wisdom from the man himself.

Number 1: Keep count

Track your food intake, weight, measurements and workouts. If you aren’t measuring anything, you can’t manage anything.

Number 2: Get off the grog

His words, not mine! As difficult as it might seem, this is a running trend through many of my clients. They cut the alcohol, lose a tonne of weight and feel a helluva lot better.

Number 3: Enjoy the process

Don’t get caught up over the day to day weight fluctuations or end goal. Find an enjoyable (at least somewhat enjoyable…) way to exercise and stick with it consistently.

Number 4: Treat yourself occasionally

Celebrate the small wins and still live life with the occasional treat. It’s a lifestyle, not a short term thing. He’s losing the weight for the last time.

BONUS Number 5: Don’t get caught up in the first week.

I told the above 4 points to one of my newer clients and she felt she had one more to add. Starting is the hardest part, the first week being the hardest. You won’t see results in a week but you’ll have to make those initial changes. The workouts will be tough but they get easier.

Stick with it. Just get through that first week.

And she’s down over 7kg in 6-weeks (including a 2-week trip to NYC) so knows exactly what it’s like.

*Update - she just cracked the 20kg mark in 16-weeks*

It’s always good hearing advice from ‘in the trenches’.

I hope this was helpful.

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