My 3 Favourite Workouts for a Summer Body

A wise man once said,

“Summer bodies are made in winter.”

It might have been Gandalf. Or Donald Trump. Or maybe it was Jay-Z.

I don’t know 🤷‍♂️

But I do know whoever said it is right on the money. Progress is made over months, not weeks. The best time to start working towards your Summer body is today. The second best time is tomorrow.

That’s why I’ve decided to share my 3 favourite workouts for a head-turning physique. I use these methods all the time with clients.

#1 German Body Composition Training

Developed by the Germans to develop the finest of physiques, GBC training involves tough supersets of upper and lower body exercises - high reps with little rest.

Example workout:

Hex bar deadlift x12

Rest 45 seconds

Pushups x12

Rest 45 seconds

Repeat x4

Seated cable row x12

Rest 45 seconds

Walking lunge x12/leg

Rest 45 seconds

Repeat x4

Dumbbell overhead press x15

Rest 45 seconds

Dumbbell Romanian deadlift x15

Rest 45 seconds

Repeat x4

#2 Heavy-Light Contrast Training

I don’t know who discovered this one, but let’s assume it was somewhere in Eastern Europe (they come up with all the good stuff).

Contrast training is where you superset two exercises for the same body part. The first exercise is done slowly with a heavier weight and lower reps. The second is done faster with a lighter weight for high reps.

Example workout:

Barbell back squat x6 reps

Rest 20s

Walking lunge x12 reps/leg

Rest 90s

X4 sets

Chinups x6 reps

Rest 20s

Wide grip lat pulldown x15 reps

Rest 90s

X4 sets

Dumbbell bench press x6 reps

Rest 20s

Pushups x15+ reps

Rest 90s

X4 sets

#3 Density Training

The big kahuna of getting a heap of training done, shred away fat and maximise your training time.

Density training is time-based. You pick a few key exercises, set a time limit (usually 10-15mins) and work through the exercises repeatedly until the time is up.

Example workout:

As many rounds as possible in 15-minutes

  • Reverse dumbbell lunge x8/leg

  • Standing dumbbell overhead press x10

  • TRX row x10

  • Lying leg raise x10

Rest a few minutes, then:

As many rounds as possible in 10-minutes

  • Dumbbell squats x12

  • Bent over dumbbell row x12

  • Battle rope slams x20

There are many ways to train and not one single best way. As long as you go in with a plan and train with purpose, you’ll see results.

I hope you found this useful and let me know if you decide to give one of the workouts a crack!

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