Life Is Long

Not long ago I had a weekend in the Hunter Valley with a bunch of my closest friends.

One slightly drunk conversation with one mate had me talking about all the things I want to do and accomplish and my impatience for them not all happening right here and now.

He had 3 words for me.

“Life is long.”

He’s right.

Life is long. It all feels like a rush. Like we SHOULD be in a rush. Busy all the time and hitting goals left, right and centre.

But we’ve got time.

Time to change things.

Time to work towards our best life.

We’ve also had a long time up until now. All those decisions from the many days of the past have led you to where you are right now. Things like your friends, where you live, your job and your health.

Talking about your health, you never wake up in the same body twice.

You’ll never be this exact same age again, you’ll never be in the same exact state of health again.

Your health right now is an outcome of everything in the past.

What happens from now is an outcome of all the decisions you make in the moment.

You are not "fixated" in your health. It’s responsive to stimulus and can always change. It adapts to whatever you throw at it - whether it be Netflix or gym sessions.

Every action has a consequence, and that consequence has a consequence. All things amplify and build on each other.

You choose Netflix and with that probably comes a block of chocolate.

You choose a gym session and you will crave a healthy meal to refuel afterwards.

It took many years to arrive at your current state of health. And an improved state of health will take time to create.

Put in the work, you’ve got the time.

Life is long.

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