Is it time to give up...?

I’ll be honest...

Sometimes I feel like giving up.

The jump from employed to self-employed was a big one and came with many unexpected challenges. I’m now the marketing team, an accountant and a business owner. I’m in sales, partnership development, human resources and admin. All while still being the best personal trainer I can be.

And sometimes it’s overwhelming.

When I made the transition last October I had grand ideas of blowing up. I’d open a gym, start making more money than I could handle, hire staff, and make a massive impact on thousands of people’s lives.

(Not unlike some people’s ideas around their lofty physique goals)

Then the process began and I got a rude shock.


The ‘idea’ of things is much more comfortable and sexy than the practical reality of the process.

‘Idea’ requires no sacrifice, sweat, energy or discipline.

To take a theoretical construct into a living breathing organism is just WORK.

You have to do the work.

It’s the one thing which stops people

The work is hard. It DOES require sacrifice, sweat, energy and discipline.

And the work is required for anything to happen.

For me, it means getting up at 4.30am every single morning and pushing on through the uncertainty. Day in, day out, just doing the best job I can for my clients and ‘working the process’.

People come to me with their own grand ideas of transforming their physique. That’s great. But that’s only the ‘idea’.

The idea is sexy. It’s comfortable.

Now it’s time to work.

Put in the sacrifice, sweat, energy and discipline towards creating a new reality for yourself.

Do this for a long time.

And when things don’t happen exactly the same as your ‘idea’ imagined... keep working.

This is where some people falter.

For myself, it’s where my business coach steps in.

For my clients, it’s where I step in.

For you, it’s where you remember this article and KEEP WORKING.

So today, a short pledge...

Stop reading about it. Stop thinking about it. Stop putting it off another week.

It’s time to do it.

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