Tips, Tricks & Knowledge Bombs for your Tuesday

You’ll gloss over some of these exercise tips, thinking “Ehhh”

Some of these will catch your interest...

And some of these will make your jaw drop and brain explode.

I hope it’s not too painful.

1. When doing any single-arm or single-leg exercise, do your weaker side first.

2. Always do a warmup set on your first exercise. For example: If I want to shoulder press the 20kg dumbbells for 15 reps. My first warmup set will be 10kg for 15 reps.

3. People who don’t regularly exercise may lose up to 80% of their muscle strength by age 65. 80 freaking percent...

4. When doing pushups you should look like an arrow (emoji) from the top, rather than a T. Tuck the elbows to about 60 degrees. Same goes for bench pressing.

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5. You get different effects out of different rep ranges

1-5 is more strength dominant

6-12 gives you strength and muscle gain

12+ leans towards muscle gain and endurance

6. Studies show that children’s physical activity levels correlate closely with those of their parents. Most of us want to set a good example for our kids and set them up for a healthy life. It starts with you.

7. By slowing down the tempo of an exercise you inherently clean up your form. It’s harder to do slow pushups than fast pushups, but much more valuable.

8. You get more out of the lowering portion of the exercise (eccentric) than the actual lifting portion. For example, the lowering of the pushup is more important than the pushing back up. Another good reason to slow down your reps.

9. Studies have shown that after 1 hour of sitting, enzymes that burn fat are reduced by 90%. Prolonged sitting is being correlated with many health risks and shortened life span. Walks interspersed throughout the day to break up your sitting are super important.

10. Dynamic stretch before your workout, static stretch after.

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11. Only 10% of people are successful at losing weight by diet alone, according to the National Weight Control Registry in the US.

12. Sweat doesn’t equal a good workout. Neither does muscle soreness. You can have an amazing workout with both and with neither.

13. Your core includes all muscles which attach to your ribs, pelvis or spine - not just your 6-pack at the front. This is why crunches don’t work very well.

14. Mind-muscle connection is a real thing. You can actively focus on the muscle the exercise is targeting and increase the activation in that muscle.

15. Don’t get injured. It’s not worth it.

16. Men who exercise hard more than 3-hours a week are only one third as likely to experience erectile dysfunction as men who exercise very little or not at all.

I’ll finish on that note.

Exercise has benefits well beyond physically looking better(although the increases in confidence, self-satisfaction and happiness make looking better a strong benefit on its own).

If you haven't been exercising, now is the time to start.

If you have, time to make it a habit.

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