The 5 Keys To Training Past 40

If you know anything about me you know I’m not one for quick-fixes or band-aid solutions.

In every first consultation with a potential new client, I’m very honest - I tell them that there is no finish line. You may have a goal, and milestones along the way, but ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ is never-ending.

You’ll never wake up one day and say “Oh, I’m done now. Time to stop.”

There’s an ebb and flow to fitness. Sometimes you’ll be motivated, fitter, healthier and energetic. Other times you’ll feel busier, slower and fitness will slide down on the priority list.

But it never completely ends.

The integration of physical training, healthy eating and habit is the fundamental aspect of living a long and capable life.

There aren’t many old people who say they wish they didn’t exercise and eat well when they were younger.

There are tonnes that say they’re damn glad they did... because now they can continue to enjoy the heck out of life, while others around them deteriorate.

So if training is a key aspect, we want to make sure you can continue to do it productively.

I’d nail the 5 keys to training longevity as:

1) Don’t get injured

2) Chase process-based goals instead of just outcome-based

3) Weave training into your lifestyle and schedule, and embrace natural ebb and flow. Life changes.

4) Keep it fun, enjoyable and interesting. Always.

5) Don’t get injured

For a legit number five, I’m tempted to say “don’t take anything too seriously” but that's a lie.

The real answer is to take the handful of important things VERY seriously but don't give all the minutiae any bandwidth.

And what are those things? Consistency, focus, progression, planning, and keeping an eye on the big picture.

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