Why do you specialise in the health of busy professional men?” He enquired.


To be honest, I was completely stumped.


I’ve been involved in health and fitness for a long time now. It’s become my identity. To help other men achieve their goals, grow more confident in their skin and develop healthy habits which will last a lifetime.


But the why

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When I was 17 I almost lost my Dad.



It was during the financial crisis of 2008. My parents had a lot of money in the stock market when it bombed. The stress this placed on my father as a provider for the family was almost too much.


It was real. Back then I couldn’t see it but the burden he took on was unbearable. He worked his ass off trying to keep the family afloat and keep up with the obligations and expectations we all had placed on him. 



There was pressure to act as if everything was okay.



Eventually, the burden broke him and he tried to leave his life behind him.


It was a tough time for my family and me.



Things were definitely not okay.



I constantly revisit this time in my life, wondering if it would have gone down like that if I had offered to help. If someone was there to ask, “how are you?” and actually really care what he had to say.


That is one part of why I work with executive men.


My father had no one and it overwhelmed him, leading him down a bad path. I want to provide support to men who don’t usually get it. To ask the simple questions and listen to what they say. I want to be able to help men so they don’t put themselves, or their families, through the things I’ve experienced.


From there, I got to work.


The classic case of a University education, combined with motivation to learn everything I can to make this impact (possibly up to 1000 books read by now - no joke), sprinkled on top with an intense, unyielding passion in my life's purpose.


The vision is simple:



To inspire change, facilitate growth and develop good health and wellbeing throughout the world.



This is founded on the values of Purpose, Discipline, Integrity, Perseverance and Service.


From my years of experience and education, I've noticed one specific aspect on which my service is build upon. If this thing isn't addressed then nothing will change - and unfortunately it is a stone left unturned most times a man joins a gym.


A physical transformation requires a mental transformation along with it.



Someone can join a gym, workout for a few months and lose weight, build muscle and feel better. 


Then what? 


They haven't changed internally, only on the outside. Soon enough motivation wanes and obstacles arise, leading to them defaulting to their old ways and yo-yoing backwards.


There must be a shift internally. Something which changes their identity into a person who believes they are healthy.


This is what I coach.



I see myself as the missing piece of the puzzle. The catalyst which guides executive men out of the rabbit hole.



As men, we tend to think we are riding solo through our lives. I know if my father had someone, he wouldn’t have stumbled the way he did.

I give men a sense of control so they don't fall into the same depressive state which heavily influenced my life.


And make poor decisions as a result...

I give them the support and structure that allows them to live a better life.


That’s why I do it.

Executive Performance helps busy professionals create the discipline, build the structures and efficiently learn what they must to regain control of their health before it’s too late.