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Workshops & Seminars

Providing workshops and seminars to teams and communities, both in and outside the corporate world. Built specifically to your needs and the outcomes you want to achieve.

Mental Fitness For Leadership Teams

PREVENT burnout, increase team PERFORMANCE and unlock full POTENTIAL.

The P3 Model is a unique 6-week Mental Fitness Program for your leadership team.

I've teamed up with the Master Executive Coach, Susanne Rauer, to combine physical fitness with mental performance.

We designed this program to provide you and your team all the tools and systems necessary to prevent physical and mental decline, perform at your best and reach your potential.

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Executives are subjected to a demanding lifestyle. They sleep 24% less and work 23% more than the average worker. 90% report struggling with work/life balance and 73% live a sedentary lifestyle.


These factors put executives at high risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and depression.

Combine this high levels of work, financial and/or relationship stress at home and we have a delicious, addictive, intoxicating cocktail, which we take a big sip from, every, single, day...

Fitness Team-Building Workshops

Completing fitness-based challenges is a team-building experience like no other. Away from the meeting rooms, communicating on new levels and succeeding where everyone plays an important role.

Designed uniquely for each individual team based on the outcomes you're after. Common outcomes include:

- Learning how to work as a team to reach objectives.

- Identifying and capitalising on different strengths.

- Developing an understanding of the link between physical health and work performance.


Contact me now to discuss how a Fitness Team-Building Workshop can lead your team to be happier, healthier and perform at their best.


Nutrition seminars, Keynote Speaking and Exercise Clinics.

Most popular Nutrition Seminars are:

The 7 Secrets To Master Your Nutrition, Body and Mind.

This seminar provides many useful, little-known knowledge bombs around nutrition and mindset. Attendees will take with them a new perspective of themselves and the food they eat. Without giving too much away, some secrets include:

  • Food doesn’t express guilt and neither should you when eating it.

  • If you think your food is boring, remember you made it that way.

  • The fewer decisions you have to make, the less likely you’ll make poor food choices.

Customised seminars, keynotes and clinics available on request.

How To Lose Fat Fast and Keep It Off. 

This seminar dives into engaging education about calories, macronutrients, when to eat and what to eat. The goal is to provide the exact knowledge needed to begin a diet and be confident in themselves they can sustain it for long-term results.